“Is Trump the Patsy?”

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To the whiny-ass Hillary and Jill supporters, who are now clamoring for recounts in “key states”, I hope you choke on your recounts, you miserable brood of immature cry babies. As if Hillary and “Green” Behind the Gills Jill would be any better than Trump.

This piece of shit election has been going on for over two years, and now you want to extend it further? Morons!

I now realize, as do many others, that those on ‘the left’ are as fast asleep and self-absorbed as those on ‘the right’ and ‘middle’. You are pathetic! And the rest of us, if we hadn’t already come to this conclusion, now know that we are on our own in this class war!

Is Trump the Patsy?

Published on Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Since the 2008 global finance crisis, the banking and financial system has been on life support and the oft claimed economic “recovery” has failed to materialise. Critical Thinking’s analysis has long suggested that 2008 was an economic collapse deferred; how long can pumping more and more fiat money (bailouts and quantitative easing into the pockets of the rich and powerful) keep the sinking ship afloat?

Could Trump’s election herald collapse?

Trump Won Because the Elites Want Him There, The Global Economy Will Collapse by Melissa Dykes

While many of us in the alternative media and especially those researchers of Clinton crimes are breathing a big fat sigh of relief that anybody but Hillary is headed to the White House in 2017, Brandon Smith of Alt Market is warning us all not to get too comfortable… and with history on his side here, we should listen to him.

Despite what looked like a rigged, fraudulent Hillary win orchestrated from the top down with the entire establishment machine behind her, Trump won the election. In an election year that would have otherwise seen record low voter turnout, the specter of Hillary that led to Trump’s victory has now given the people a reason to believe their vote actually matters again, an extra boon to further relegitimize the corrupt system running things in this country.

But Smith reminds us that if Trump is walking into the Oval Office in January, it is only because the elites decided to put him there in advance — and for a reason.

In order to understand the present, we have to know the past, particularly the ongoing war between the Rothschild bankers and the American people which started with the American war of independence.

The Federal Reserve Cartel: Freemasons and The House of Rothschild by Dean Henderson

Populist founding fathers led by John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Thomas Paine- none of whom were Masons- wanted to completely severe ties with the British Crown, but were overruled by the Masonic faction led by Washington, Hamilton and Grand Master of the St. Andrews Lodge in Boston General Joseph Warren, who wanted to “defy Parliament but remain loyal to the Crown”. St. Andrews Lodge was the hub of New World Masonry and began issuing Knights Templar Degrees in 1769.

The campaign to establish an American central bank relied on rolling banking crises to convince people of the need; boom and crash has been the process by which wealth and power has become ever more concentrated in the hands of the few. As Daily Pickings has often exposed, Rothschilds’ success has relied on control of the media and use of secret agents both within official agencies and beyond. Trump, like most presidents before him, will not be in control of his administration.

Monsanto’s ally Pompeo to head the CIA: bad move, Donald by Jon Rappoport

In April of 2014, Pompeo introduced the bill that would become The Dark Act, banning states from passing laws mandating GMO labeling on food. Instead, The Dark Act introduces very weak and confusing federal GMO labels. Few people will pay attention to them or even realize they’re there.

Irrespective of the political games of Structural Elite and the theatre of the US election, seismic change is happening because of the decentralisation of power through the internet. As James Corbett says in the following Newsbud discussion: “Screw their sport, let’s play our own game.”

In short, we need to abandon existing power structures and co-create a new political economy which serves humanity rather than Rothschilds and the Structural Elite

Source: Is Trump the patsy?


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