“Business as Usual”

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“Tolerance of institutional hierarchy is where the rot in human civilisation began…”

Here is more proof of what I have been stating all along, it does not matter who is SELECTED (not elected) to be president, because whoever has been SELECTED will do as he or she is told to do by their new owners and operators, the structural-elite (the shadow government), or else…

So don’t fret, all you pathetic Jill and Hillary supporters out there, Trump will do everything that Hillary was going to do and then some.

And to all the faux feminists, who were only concerned with a woman getting this worthless gig, all I can say to you is: TOUGH LUCK! You have gotten what your hypocritical self-absorbed asses deserve:

Business as Usual

Published on Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Well so much for Donald Trump reversing US military intervention around the world.

As Syrian Fighting Intensifies, Growing Signs of Military Escalation Under Trump by Bill Van Auken

The Navy Times Tuesday highlighted the president-elect’s vow to build a 350-ship naval fleet in an article headlined “Donald Trump wants to start the biggest Navy build-up in decades.” The Navy currently has a fleet of 272 ships.

The Army Times, meanwhile, published an article Tuesday headlined “Early signs point to a bigger, badder Army under Trump.” It quoted former four-star General Barry McCaffrey as predicting that despite Trump’s criticisms of NATO he expected to see a major buildup of US forces not only in the Pacific but also in Eastern Europe. “You’ve got to have a military combat capability that is believed by the Russians and the North Koreans, among others, as being capable and willing to confront them in an air-ground-sea battle,” he said.

Unreported in western media, South Koreans are demonstrating against their US puppet government.

South Korea’s Historic “One Million People Protest” to Oust Washington’s Puppet President Park Geun-hye by Hyun Lee

Compare this event in Korea to the ongoing “few thousand” anti-Trump protesters in the USA. Whereas the latter has made the tabloids and CNN coverage ad nauseam, the million people protest movement against America’s puppet regime in Seoul is not news worthy, it has barely been covered by US network TV.

Read the incisive and carefully documented article of Hyun Lee.

Look at the images below: compare them to the anti-Trump protests.

This is a historic event. The message of the Korean people is loud and clear. M. Ch. GR Editor

As the United States ushers in a new right wing president into office, South Korea is about to give theirs the boot. One million people gathered in Seoul on November 12 to demand Park Geun-hye’s resignation. This is the largest protest South Korea has seen since the democratic uprising of June 1987.

A couple of days ago Daily Pickings highlighted the need for an open source investigation into pizzagate/paedophila. Clearly this is not popular with the Structural Elite: the New York Times has made a clumsy attempt to “debunk” the story and Reddit has banned its community from discussing the subject alluding to a witchunt. In the spirit of “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticise”, paedophilia, at the heart of the establishment not just in the US but around the world, is not to be exposed to scrutiny. Once people realise the criminality of hiearchical institutions (media and entertainment, the judiciary, police, social services, the church and politics etc.), they will abandon them.

So it is up to all of us to make sure that this dark evil at the heart of power is exposed for all to see.

Who or What is the Whore of Babylon Drunk from the Blood of Her Victims by the Anonymous Patriots

Patriots are waking up to a nightmare that is only being revealed by alternative media. We are no longer able to rely on the broadcast, cable, and print media to report the news accurately, much less any mention of the heinous crimes that seem to have been committed by Washington power-brokers, global elites, world-renowned charities, the Vatican—just to name a few. For this reason, Pizzagate, the popular moniker given to the first-ever citizen OPEN SOURCE INVESTIGATION of world-wide pedophilia and human trafficking, is getting huge support from citizen investigators using non-conventional media channels to reach their audiences.

Tolerance of institutional hierarchy is where the rot in human civilisation began and such evil is the inevitable consequence. If we really want to stop this, wars, oppression and deprivation, we have to dissolve hierarchy or it will be business as usual all the way to the collapse of civilisation.

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