“Catastrophe Lies”

Image: http://www.topfamousquotes.com Note: John Coleman, by the way, is the founder of The Weather Channel: Please watch the following video, it is only seven minutes long! Catastrophe Lies Published on Friday, 25 November 2016 Fear is the most powerful weapon of control which is why threats are constantly hyped in the media; to put us … Continue reading “Catastrophe Lies”

“Jill Stein is the Clinton machine’s ‘recount puppet’… bilking liberal donors for millions in a last-ditch effort to steal the election for Hillary”

Go ahead, all of you pseudo hippies, living in the bullshit “Dawn of Aquarius” past. Go ahead, all you miserable, whiny crybabies, you self-actualized morons, and do a recount. Go ahead, get Trump removed from the presidency. I dare you!

There is a large, silent majority of Americans waiting for you and this government, if something like Trump suddenly and mysteriously losing this election (selection) should take place. And most of these particular Americans are former veterans and hunters; these folks are the most heavily armed and trained citizenry in the world, and so they know how to use their weapons. Get the gist of what I’m trying to tell you here, what I am warning you of?

You are playing with hell fire here, all you full grown little neoliberals. You don’t know what the fuck you are dealing with, and neither does this government! There is no such thing as too big to fail, nor too big to be overthrown!

I am not one of these far right folk, but I have lived around them for my entire life, and I know they are fed up with you and your “hypocritical, left-leaning bullshit”; the bullshit that has brought the majority of us to this hell we are experiencing. I am not one of them, but I feel their anger, frustration and pain. And so I would not stand against them, if they stood up en masse, and started to tear this corporate-capitalist hell down!

If the removal of Trump should occur, I am quickly going to start looking for a place to hide, since I would rather deal with ISIS any day, than these far-right conservatives on a mission.

Once again, you don’t know who you are dealing with, little boys and girls! So find one of your “safe spaces” and take a nice long nap, say… until February, 2017!



(NaturalNews) Remember when Hillary Clinton said she was “horrified” by Donald Trump’s refusal to pre-announce his acceptance of the election outcome? His stance was “a direct threat to our democracy,” Hillary sternly claimed during the debate.

Now, she’s carrying out her own threat to democracy, using Jill Stein as a convenient puppet to question the election outcome and demand a recount in three states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

By “recount” they mean “steal the election,” of course. The same election fraudsters who plotted from day one to destroy Bernie Sanders when the timing served them best has now decided their best hope of stealing the election is to try to overturn the will of the voters in key battleground states.

Oh, and as all this is happening, the Washington Post is now claiming the entire election was stolen by the Russians… or Bigfoot… or aliens or maybe even the…

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“Fidel Castro Ruz. His Legacy Will Live Forever”

Image: http://www.cnbc.com Today, do not listen to the capitalist bald-face lies coming from American Cubans, who supported the U.S./Mafia run puppet government that Fidel Castro overthrew and drove out of his country, as they slander this truly great man; a man of and for the people. Listen to the truth: Fidel Castro Ruz. His Legacy … Continue reading “Fidel Castro Ruz. His Legacy Will Live Forever”