“Activist Post Admits To Being Russian Propaganda”

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Activist Post Admits To Being Russian Propaganda

By Activist Post

Activist Post has been accused of being fake news and Russian propaganda by the Washington Post and others.

It’s about time we admit it. Whoever’s behind PropOrNot figured us out. Putin is our homeboy.

A few years ago, after editing our free blog, we were riding horses with Vlad, shirtless, when he pleaded, “Will you help me stop Clinton from becoming president?”

“No problem.” we replied. “We’ll direct all of our friends in the fake news to help too.”

Images flashed through our mind of conspiring with Alex Jones and Ron Paul to determine the dank memes and clickbait headlines we’re going to weaponize.

“But, Vlad, we don’t have a big foundation to launder the money through, so you’ll have to pay us another way,” we greedily inquired.

“How about I pay you in bitcoin and hot Russian hookers? They’re former gymnasts,” he offered with a knowing wink. We struck a deal!

Due to the influx of Russian funds, we were able to upgrade from a free Blogger site to WordPress and hire a part-time social media manager.

Ever since then, we’ve been working around the clock to promote peace and liberty, and especially to thwart the United States’ aggressive, preemptive wars against sovereign nations.

Apparently, that was enough to threaten the state and the established media. Putin thought it would be more difficult.

Damn, I hope that doesn’t mean we risk losing Google Ads and the hookers. That would really suck.

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Source: Activist Post Admits To Being Russian Propaganda