“And speaking of Fidel . . .”

I love it! Stupid ass Americans!

Taking Sides

Please do forgive me, but some comments are so priceless that they must be shared.  I’m stealing this from the The Burning Blogger of Bedlam’s website, something casually dropped by M. Semet:

This isn’t exactly on the same subject, but I had to add this. I picked up this hilarious story from a comment board on the Saker blog, and I almost did a spitake after reading it:

From “Terry”

Of all the innumerable brilliant things Fidel did over the decades, perhaps my favourite was when then US President Jimmy Carter started mouthing off about all the prisoners in Cuba being “Political Prisoners”, and stated he would welcome them all to the glorious USA if only that horrible criminal Communist slavemaster Castro would free them.

BINGO! The light bulb goes off in Fidel’s head and he says, “Yes! You’re right! They’re all political prisoners!”

And Fidel heads to the…

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