“Heart of the Matter –Dr MaryAnne Demasi | The Catalyst”

Taking Sides

Source of the following quote, Global Research, February 18, 2015:

Dr. MaryAnne Demasi’s documentary on the criminal activity of the pharmaceutical industry regarding cholesterol-lowering statin drugs sent shock waves through the mainstream media in Australia at the end of 2013. Published in two parts on the popular news show The Catalyst, the pharmaceutical industry complained loudly after the first show, and requested the network not air the second episode, “Heart of the Matter Part 2 – Cholesterol Drug War.”

“ABC Australia aired it anyway, but the pharmaceutical influence was apparently too strong, as they later announced that the network would remove the videos from their website because “they breached its impartiality standards.” All copies found on YouTube were also removed. [Norm’s note: but apparently the documentary can once again be found on YouTube. 😉]

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“Video: Comedian Bill Hicks on Burning the Flag”

Image: http://www.thedailysheeple.com Imagine, for a moment, you're reading an article about Nazi Germany. And at one point in the article, you read that a few Germans had been harassed, beaten and imprisoned for burning the German flag. How do you think you would respond to this? Would you think to yourself, "These people had it … Continue reading “Video: Comedian Bill Hicks on Burning the Flag”

“If You Question the Establishment You Are Guilty of Espionage, Says Corporate Media “

Image: http://www.activistpost.com Orwell the prophet: If You Question The Establishment You Are Guilty Of Espionage, Says Corporate Media — Because Russia By Claire Bernish Mainstream, corporate media has launched a dangerous and slanderous campaign to label any news outlet not spewing accepted governmental narrative as professional Russian propagandists — and those unaware they’d apparently been … Continue reading “If You Question the Establishment You Are Guilty of Espionage, Says Corporate Media “

“Solar panel farm grows 17,000 tons of food without soil, pesticides, fossil fuels or groundwater”


Solar panels

(NaturalNews) A new agricultural technique may have just solved the problem of growing food in some of the world’s most inhospitable places – locations that don’t currently support traditional agriculture.

In addition, the technique can save what are clearly finite resources from extinction, something all of us should clearly favor.

As reported by Natural Blaze, as the world’s population grows, so too does its demand for food. Right now, activist organizations are battling the spread of the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which have become prevalent in modern agriculture, despite the dangers they pose to our health.

The primary argument for GMO makers like Monsanto and backers in industry and government is that they are necessary because the world is running out of resources, and GMO crops are a better way to boost yields (which is not true, actually). On first hearing it, this argument might sound…

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