“Panic Rising”

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Panic Rising

Published on Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A sense of rising panic pervades media and public office – desperation is showing. However, the panic manifests itself not on the TV or in ways that are obvious but in the measures being adopted to stem the flow of truth.

Truth such as that expressed by Denise Baden on the BBC about the interviewer’s claims of the late Fidel Castro being a dictator.

Or the Pizzagate/Podesta revelations which just won’t go away.

The hidden power of the Rothschilds is also dawning on people’s consciousness. This next article suggests Rothschild is one of the “five most powerful families” which is true but it becomes ever clearer, that Rothschilds dominate the Structural Elite. It refers to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) endorsing Rothschilds’ “conservation efforts” in promoting big game hunting. WWF = Rockefellers whose rise to power and wealth was aided by Rothschild and whose “conservation” strategy is to create a world wildlife reserve; they envisaged having to deal with the “problem of indigenous people” as far back as 1992.

Rothschilds Forcing Native Pygmies Off Their Own Land So the Elite Can Slaughter Elephants by Jack Burns

One of French billionaire’s, Benjamin de Rothschild’s holdings, a hunting preserve located in Cameroon, is reportedly quite savage in the way it treats pygmies who live around the now private hunting grounds, even though the pygmies lay historical claim to the leased 1,000,000 acres of disputed lands. Now, the pygmies have apparently become the target of the hunting preserve’s guards, who’ve reportedly destroyed at least three of their encampments and brutally beaten some of the men.

And the rising panic?

Twitter has been effective in spreading these stories and many more which reveal where true power lies and the corruption, abuse, destruction and murder at the heart of the political economy. Twitter is now closing down accounts which discuss Jewish power

Twitter shuts down antisemitic accounts following close work with CST

This month Twitter announced several changes to their safety policies, following constructive dialogue with CST and several other groups. CST is pleased that following extensive reporting by CST and others, several antisemitic accounts who harassed Jewish users and spread Holocaust denial and antisemitism have been suspended from the platform.

CST is another NGO, funded by the usual suspects, which is turning into paramilitary “thought police” but they play a dangerous game. While Jewish power is a significant problem for humanity, Jewish people are not – it is the Zionist ideology and its grip on the levers of power which is the problem and if we don’t discuss this openly and address it, all Jews will become targets. The Rothschilds manipulate “Goyim” and Jews alike and have no allegiance to anyone but themselves. As Myron Fagan explained, Jews are as disposable as anyone else to achieve their goals.

Closing down discussion of the holocaust, Jewish power and the Israel lobby across centres of power is a very dangerous game. In the words of Bertrand Russell in his Liberal Decalogue “Do not use power to suppress opinions you think pernicious, for if you do the opinions will suppress you.”

Jews particularly need to discuss these things because if they don’t, they will become the targets of aggression and retribution as they did during the pogroms in Russia, manipulated by the same malevolent forces. If Jews don’t engage with the rest of humanity on equal footing, blood will flow; theirs, ours but not that of the Structural Elite who play a very long game.

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