“Do You Really Think a Group “Asthma Attack” Caused 8500 People to Drop Like Flies in Australia?”

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I tune into The Weather Channel, every so often, to get the local weather, and to also check out the latest corporate-sponsored dogma concerning the “anthropogenic global warming”/”global climate change” mind-fuck.

So about two months ago, as I was trying to find out what the temperature was going to be that day, I noted a report being given on “thunderstorms triggering asthma”. And since I am an asthmatic, I decided to take the time to listen. The gist of the report amounted to this: “Asthmatics should stay in doors, for an hour or two, after a thunder storm passes”; the rationale being, the storms blow allergens into the air that can trigger asthma attacks.

Now this was all news to me, since, as I said before, I am an asthmatic, and I have always opened the windows, during and after a thunderstorm, to get the fresh clean air flowing through my apartment. And I have never had an asthma attack after doing so. Not once.

And now there has been this horrible weather event in Australia. So I can’t help but sense that The Weather Channel report and this event are somehow connected:

Do You Really Think A Group “Asthma Attack” Caused 8500 People To Drop Like Flies In Australia?

By Daisy Luther

This is one of the weirdest stories I’ve heard in a long time. So very weird that I have to call BS (baloney sandwiches) on the whole darned thing.

Last week, 8500 people were sent to the hospital in Melbourne, Australia during a period of five hours due to a freak storm that caused what authorities are referring to as “thunderstorm asthma.” An ambulance was dispatched every 4.5 seconds during the peak of the storm, and eight people died. (Learn more here.)

Is it just me or does this sound like a biological or chemical attack? This video explains how our government, in cooperation with the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigation and other world governments, have performed some unsettling testing. (Think about stuff like MK Ultra mind control experiments or the US allowing Nazi scientists to quietly continue their work in America after WWII.) It goes on to provide a compelling case against the official explanation.

One such example is the weaponization of extremely allergenic natural substances.

Were the citizens in Melbourne just specimens in a Petri dish during a grand-scale test of a biological weapon?

{Sojourner note: to this day, when the air quality is bad, especially for those with respiratory illnesses, the meteorologists’ claim has always been that thunderstorms clean the air of hay-fever and asthma causing allergens. So why haven’t any of these weather nerds ever mentioned thunderstorm related asthma before? The Weather Channel is always coming up with new “scientific” terms (mind-control bullshit) to help support their fairy-tale case for global warming/climate change, so why would I believe these corporate, sold-out stooges now?}

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, DaisyLuther.com

Source: Do You Really Think a Group “Asthma Attack” Caused 8500 People to Drop Like Flies in Australia?


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  1. This government, and others, having been using us as lab rats for the last century plus.

    If they pull anything like this here (Ohio), I won’t be around very long. And dying this way is not high on my list of ways to go!

    It’s beyond me, LT, to understand how people can be this callous and cruel.

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