“Salud! — a documentary about Cuba’s health care initiatives”

To all the Castro haters out there, how do you explain this?

Taking Sides

Published on Apr 14, 2015

A timely film about the competing values that mark the battle for global health… Beautifully filmed in Cuba, South Africa, The Gambia, Honduras and Venezuela, ¡SALUD! suggests bold new approaches to developing the human resources critical to making health care a global birthright. The film examines the remarkable case of Cuba, a poor country with what the BBC calls “one of the world’s best health systems,” and explores Cuba’s extensive global health initiatives. ¡SALUD! accompanies some of the 28,000 Cuban health professionals now staffing public health systems in over 60 countries. Their stories, and those of young medical students-now numbering 30,000-from the Americas, Africa and Asia studying in Cuba, challenge us to rethink the potential of international health cooperation.

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