Lies, Lies and More Lies!

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Throughout the years, I have come to understand one thing in particular, and that is anything dealing with wealth and political power is going to be based on, and continue to exist as, a manipulation/bald-faced lie. It is evident that extreme wealth and power so distorts the mind of the individual that the notion of right or wrong ceases to exist.

And so I cannot, nor will I ever again, trust anyone who holds great wealth and political power. What’s that old adage? Oh yes, ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!’ Well I’m ashamed to say that I was fooled, many, many times, by these willingly sick and perverse liars. But no more!

Here is my list of the MAJOR reasons why I will never again trust or support this system/order of the wealthy and powerful elite.

In chronological order:

1) The Constitution of The United States of America
2) The Civil War
3) World War I
4) The Federal Reserve
5) The Great Depression
6) Pearl Harbor (
7) World War II
8) ‘The holocaust’
9) Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan
10) The United Nations/Israel
11) The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
12) Vietnam/drafting of 19 year old, poor blacks & whites
13) The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
14) The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
15) Nixon and Watergate/Nixon Pardoned by Gerald Ford
16) Reagan and Afghanistan vs USSR
17) First war with Iraq
18) Clinton “didn’t have sex”
19) The Cheney Administration/with bumbling G.W. Bush
20) 9/11/Al Qaeda
21) ‘The Patriot Act’
22) Second war with Iraq/”WMDs”/torture and detainment of prisoners
23) War with Afghanistan
24) Osama bin Laden ‘assassinated’
25) Obama elected: “Yes We Can”/’lame-duck congress
26) 2007 depression
27) Murder by drone
28) The Nanny/Police-state/Big Brother tyranny
29) ‘Isis’ and ‘Isil’ etc
30) New ‘cold war’ with Russia/Obama, “hero”, Putin, “bad guy”/World War III?

This is a very abbreviated list. I could go on and no about how this government has, from its very beginnings, lied to we the people. Everything that I have listed here has been a criminal-manipulation/bald-faced lie and/or false-flag/black-op.

Here are a select few I will explain:

#1) The Constitution: Read here.

#2) Pearl Harbor was a U.S. Corporation false-flag, and not a ‘sneak attack’ by the Japanese! President Roosevelt had forced Japan to take actions against the U.S., by holding Japan’s economy hostage. And so FDR knew an attack was ‘imminent’ on Pearl Harbor, as did his military higher-ups stationed at Pearl Harbor.

#4 & 5) ‘The fed’ was the cause of ‘the great depression’! Ask yourself this, Who benefited? Who benefited from this worldwide economic disaster? The wealthy and powerful elite. The disenfranchised masses suffered, while the elite pigs wallowed in even more wealth and power. The great depression also set Germany up to be the scapegoat for world war two and ‘the holocaust’.

#8) There were many races mass-murdered by the Nazi ‘thugs’, not just Jews. And there is ample evidence that the number 6,000,000 is in no way accurate, in fact, it is one of the most heinous manipulations ever perpetrated by Zionists, since it labeled the German people as monsters, which they are not!

If the entire Nazi regime was a creation of the power elite, which it was, then why would we necessarily believe numbers like 6,000,000 Jews being gassed and cremated? There was a holocaust, but it was not a holocaust of the Jews alone, it was a holocaust of millions of people, including homosexuals, Gypsies, Blacks, Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who had the guts to stand up against this tyranny. And the same Zionists who are committing genocide and destroying the world today, are the ones responsible for Hitler and world war two!

#9) If you want to talk ‘holocaust’, then let’s talk about Harry Truman, another stooge of the Zionist, let’s talk about The Manhattan Project, let’s talk about the fact that the Japanese were ready to surrender in 1945, let’s talk about a real holocaust, a nuclear one, which happened twice in three days, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dead [innocent] Japanese men, women and children, with thousands more suffering the effects of nuclear radiation, for years after the fact.

These two weapons of mass destruction were simply ‘scientific’ experiments, using innocent men, women and children as lab rats. There was no need for these weapons to be used: Japan, which hadn’t wanted war to begin with, was more than ready to surrender months before August of 1945. Your government, Mr and Ms Merica, is a Zionist owned and operated WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION, and has been for quite a while now!

#10) And here we have two of the major reasons for world war one and two happening: The United Nations (One World Order) and Israel. Without world war one, which led to ‘the great depression’ and world war two, The UN nor Israel would exist today. Like everything else, boys and girls, it’s all about wealth/power and control/domination.

#24) Osama bin Laden most likely died in late 2001, just a few months after the crime (false-flag), which he would be blamed for, had been committed: ‘9/11’. Osama bin Laden was suffering from kidney failure, as the Zionists, and their Merican stooges, were pulling off ‘9/11’. So being on the run in the desert, without dialysis, would have quickly put an end to bin Laden’s chances of living. Thus the entire Obama watching as navy seals killed bin Laden staged-event, a decade later, was just another elite political-manipulation, another bald-faced lie by your government, Mr and Ms Merica!

As for the rest of my list, the following video will explain them, and in much greater detail. This video is long, but it is well worth your time, if you truly want to know the reason for the world being in such a horrific state, today, and if you are truly interested in a history that has not been fabricated by the powers that be.

As I’ve stated, over and over again, the fouled up world we live in, today, is the direct result of a minority of wealthy and powerful psychopaths, and here is even more proof of this fact:

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  1. I understand, Carol! I have several videos to finish watching, and I have little to do, unlike you.

    It is an excellent video!!

    Is the semester over now?

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  2. It’s good to hear from you, Dave. These days, it’s too cold to do much outside, so I do have more time but I’m not using it in productive ways.

    It’s a time of transition in these seemingly dark days. The semester is winding down – two more weeks of classes to go but the major papers are all graded. Next up is back to editing the book manuscript – I need undivided time to think. But I find myself wondering again whether to continue or just let it remain a draft. I wonder if anything I have to say matters…

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  3. Good to hear from you, Carol. I have been out of the loop in a way. Everything that has been going on, over the past month, has taken a toll. I am lethargic, to say the least. I have to struggle to read or write. This is why I have so many videos piled up. I just want to sleep, since most of this hell does not exist in my dreams.

    I haven’t been commenting on your blog and a few others, because I simply am drawing a blank.

    Tubularsock’s articles are the only ones I comment on, because I can let it all hang out there. In a way, Tube’s blog is an escape for me.

    So I want you to know, I am still reading your posts. I haven’t gone anywhere yet!

    I sense, from your comment here, that you might be able to relate to where I am at?

    On the book, I have gone two years now, without composing a single note. It is as if the music has died and left me alone.

    So I have had to stop fighting with it, and hope, before I am gone, it comes back to me at least one more time.

    Maybe you just need a break for a while, Carol! You have had a lot on your plate, over the last few months. Perhaps, after a time of rest and contemplation, your energy to finish the book will be refreshed/renewed?

    And on your last sentence. I don’t know why I write anything at all!

    Maybe it’s just a lack of sunshine, a vitamin d issue!;-)

    Good to hear from you, my friend!

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