“A World Gone Mad — Eduardo Galeano | Third World Traveler”

For all of us who think we have it tough here, in the US of A, read the following and be ashamed of your whining. And remember, it is you, and this government you willingly support, creating this hell on earth!

Taking Sides

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A World Gone Mad

by Eduardo Galeano

The Progressive magazine, Dec 2000

Fear of losing your job and terror at the prospect of never finding one can’t be separated from a ridiculous statistic that could only seem normal in a world gone mad: over the past thirty years, formal working hours, which tend to be less than real hours worked, have gone up in the United States, Canada, and Japan and diminished only slightly in a few European countries. This trend constitutes a treacherous attack on common sense by the upside-down world: the astonishing increase in productivity wrought by the technological revolution not only fails to raise wages but doesn’t even diminish working hours in countries with state-of-the-art machines. In the United States, frequent polls indicate that work, far more than divorce or the fear of death, is the principal source of stress, and in…

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