“When, How, Who?”

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When, How, Who?

Published on Thursday, 08 December 2016

For some years, economic collapse has been expected yet central banks have chosen to keep inflating the asset bubble which will end in tears – 2008 was a crisis deferred, kicking the can down the road, etc. The further we head into unchartered territory the greater and more likely the collapse. This article from early this year explains in part.

Negative rates: heading towards a global economic collapse

That is, the result of the ECB’s policy leads to inflating financial bubbles and the concentration of capital in the hands of a limited number of large banks.

History shows that these collapses are engineered by central banks – until we remove their power over money, we are at their mercy (not that they’ve ever shown much of that).

We are the source of their power.

Source: When, how, who?