“Unverified Aleppo “On the Spot” Executions. Western Media Disinformation — Tony Cartalucci | Land Destroyer Report | Global Research”

Here is the real FAKE NEWS, and it's coming from where it has always come from, the government owned and operated main-stream media!

“Mise à jour de la situation en Syrie & Irak en date du 14 Décembre, 2016”

Americans! This is what your government is perpetrating on the rest of the world!

Une Lettre Jamais Arrivée

La guerre en Syrie a entamé sa sixième année. Un printemps arabe qui a fini en détruisant tout le pays.  Une guerre qui a fait des centaines de milliers de morts et des millions de déplacés internes et réfugiés. Un pays ravagé et détruit, on pourrait pourtant être pardonné de penser que c’est une situation sans précédent et du jamais vu en Syrie. Certes, le pays a déjà connu des guerres civiles, mais en ce qui concerne le bilan humanitaire, la guerre est l’une des pires ou peut-être la pire qu’on a vécu pendant l’histoire récente du Moyen-Orient.

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“Washington Post-CIA Connections Destroy Post’s “Election Hack” Claim”

Image: http://www.pbs.twimg.com "It’s easy to assemble a circumstantial case. But each case has to be judged on its own merits, and the devil is in the details. If we aren’t privy to those details in the “Russian affair,” no judgement is possible. Of course, major media outlets don’t seem bothered by that. They’re happy to … Continue reading “Washington Post-CIA Connections Destroy Post’s “Election Hack” Claim”

“Freedom’s Just Another Word”

Image: http://www.pinimg.com "To date, all of these accusations have been based on anonymous sources and leaks. The president of the United States remains silent. And we are so easily manipulated — liberals/progressives who have rightly attacked the CIA for decades for domestic spying, WMD lies, overthrowing foreign governments, torture, drones, renditions, etc., overnight now believe … Continue reading “Freedom’s Just Another Word”

“One Web to Rule Them All”

Image: http://www.slidesharecdn.com One Web to Rule Them All Published on Sunday, 11 December 2016 Critical Thinking and many other "alternatives" to convention would not exist without the internet and it is the pivotal factor in the current transformation of civilisation. Today's world is so different to when we were 20/30 years younger and the transition … Continue reading “One Web to Rule Them All”