“Mise à jour de la situation en Syrie & Irak en date du 14 Décembre, 2016”

Americans! This is what your government is perpetrating on the rest of the world!

Une Lettre Jamais Arrivée

La guerre en Syrie a entamé sa sixième année. Un printemps arabe qui a fini en détruisant tout le pays.  Une guerre qui a fait des centaines de milliers de morts et des millions de déplacés internes et réfugiés. Un pays ravagé et détruit, on pourrait pourtant être pardonné de penser que c’est une situation sans précédent et du jamais vu en Syrie. Certes, le pays a déjà connu des guerres civiles, mais en ce qui concerne le bilan humanitaire, la guerre est l’une des pires ou peut-être la pire qu’on a vécu pendant l’histoire récente du Moyen-Orient.

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2 thoughts on ““Mise à jour de la situation en Syrie & Irak en date du 14 Décembre, 2016”

  1. Well, I read this post over at ‘Eyes on Europoe and the Middle East.’ I left an uncordial comment. I realize that maybe you don’t read French, Dave, but the content of the post was anything that I think you would have agreed with if you give people like Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley any credence.

    This is what I left behind, more or less:

    You post strikes me as a collection of snippets uncritically gathered up from the mainstream corporate press.

    As a result, it seems to suffer from the same kinds of defects all too prominent in that press, and in particular, in making claims of fact that are, well, simply unsubstantiated.

    For example, your post claims the following:

    Preuve de l’intensité et l’effroi que suscitent les combats, plus de 10 000 civils supplémentaires ont fui les zones rebelles ces dernières 24 heures pour rejoindre des secteurs gouvernementaux, portant à 130 000 le nombre des habitants ayant fui l’offensive, selon les chiffres de l’Observatoire syrien des droits de l’Homme (OSDH). Au moins 82 civils, dont 11 femmes et 13 enfants, ont été tués lors des dernières 48 heures par les forces du régime, selon l’ONU. L’Unicef indiquait en début d’après-midi que plus de 100 enfants non-accompagnés étaient dans un immeuble au milieu des bombardements.

    However, the following ‘fact based’ piece of research proves those claims to be unsourced and unsubstantiated:

    Unverified Aleppo “On the Spot” Executions. Western Media Disinformation

    And do your readers know that l’Observatoire syrien des droits de l’Homme (OSDH) is a one man show being run out of Coventry, England, by no one other than Rami Abdul Rahman, a Syrian immigrant to the U.K., out of his two bedroom home? Oh, yeah, have a listen to another propaganda outlet, this time RT, but one that actually grounds this particular reportage on this particular issue in fact:

    If your readers are unfamiliar with the works of either Vanessa Beeley or Eva Bartlett, perhaps they should peruse them for themselves.

    Beeley has a website that she calls, “The Wall Will Fall,” and Bartlett has one that she has named, “In Gaza.”

    As a primer to Beeley’s work, you might want to start with this piece, that you can Google and find over at Global Research: Syria’s White Helmets: “Soft War” by Way of Deception. The Non-Profit Propaganda Industry – by Vanessa Beeley

    For an introduction to Eva Bartlett, have a search on YouTube for this title only published several days ago: Syria – Sovereignty and Peace. Press Conference, United Nations, 9 Dec.

    Don’t neglect the websites of these two outstanding researchers. They are an amazing collection exposés blowing the lid off the concerted propaganda effort by the Western corporate presstitutes to demonize the Assad government and justify the destruction of the Syrian state by proxy, on behalf of the West, just as was done in Lybia.

    Your post is a hodgepodge of misinformation, in my opinion, and if you care about the people in Syria, you should spend a bit more time vetting both your sources and “their” sources, eh.

    A better title for your post would have been:

    Mise à jour des des mensonges occidentaux sur le conflit Syrien

    This isn’t directed at you, Dave. It’s directed at the content of this post at “that” blog.

    Yeah, I know, not nice. But I’m done being nice with the stenographers of empire.

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