Here is How 17% of Americans Cope with The American Nightmare: Pig Pharma’s Psychotropic Drugs!


“The real question that needs to be asked is why are Americans so damn depressed?”

My very abbreviated answer to this question would be: Americans are so damn depressed because they have come to realize just how futile their lives truly are, day in and day out; working like a dog (if they can find work, that is), and getting nowhere other than more in debt, while their corporate slave masters rake in the billions and live like overstuffed pigs. And then Americans are also depressed because they have sat complacently and compliantly by as their rogue government continues to wage war after war on the rest of the world.

In reality, it’s not depression that Americans are suffering from, it’s their continual failed attempts at escaping the horror of their pathetic reality: a meaningless, empty existence of servitude, chasing after new toys and “self-actualization”, mixed with a gargantuan dose of well-deserved BLOOD GUILT!

New Study: Now 1 in 6 American Adults Takes Anti-Depressants or Other Psych Drugs


The number used to be one in ten, but according to new data, one out of every six adult Americans is taking anti-depressants or some other type of psychiatric drugs now.

What that breaks down to is “Overall, 16.7 percent of 242 million U.S. adults reported filling one or more prescriptions for psychiatric drugs in 2013,” according to research published today in Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine.

{Sojourner note: and most of the rest of those 240 million Americans are either addicted to illegal drugs, or are alcoholics!}

The majority of psych drugs taken were anti-depressants, with 12%; another 8.3% take anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills or sedatives, while 1.6% straight up takes antipsychotics.

What’s more? The majority who take these drugs, or eight out of ten, take them long-term — 84.3% having refilled at least three prescriptions in 2013.

Wow. That means nearly 17% of American adults are on mind-altering prescription medications and most of them will be forever.

In 2011, it was also reported that Americans consume 80% of the world’s pain medication.

So are we the most hurt, depressed group of people on the planet or what?

The real question that needs to be asked is why are Americans so damn depressed?

Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Source: New Study: Now 1 in 6 American Adults Takes Anti-Depressants or Other Psych Drugs | The Daily Sheeple


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