The Agenda 21-2030/”AGW”/Depopulation Propaganda (Bullshit) Never Ends!


I promised myself, a while back, that I would cease and desist from going off on another Darwinian-eugenics rant. But alas, I find that I am too weak to do so. So here I go again, one more time!

I’m only posting this snippet of a rag to continue my personal vendetta against the elite-swines’ owned and operated Darwinian-eugenicists, who are, and have been for a century now, masquerading as caring and concerned environmentalists. You know, the long-haired, hippy-type freaks who are more than willing to exterminate up to 90% of humanity, in order to save one tiny ‘species’ of fish, existing in a stream in the middle of fucking nowhere.

The following mind-fuck rag is yet another example of the elite-swine trying to pin every environmental ill on we the individuals, while pretending they have had nothing to do with the damage being done to the environment, and are, instead, attempting to “save the planet” by ridding the world of the vast majority of humanity:

Life on Earth is Dying. Thousands of Species Cease to Exist

By Robert J. Burrowes

December 12, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – On the day that you read this article, 200 species of life on Earth (plants, birds, animals, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles) will cease to exist. Tomorrow, another 200 species will vanish forever.

The human onslaught to destroy life on Earth is unprecedented in Earth’s history. Planet Earth is now experiencing its sixth mass extinction event and Homo sapiens sapiens is the cause. Moreover, this mass extinction event is accelerating and is so comprehensive in its impact that the piecemeal measures being taken by the United Nations, international agencies and governments constitute a tokenism that is breathtaking in the extreme.

And it is no longer the case that mainly ‘invisible’ species are vanishing: those insects, amphibians and small animals about which you had never even heard, assuming they have been identified and given a name by humans.

You and I are on the brink of driving to extinction some of the most iconic species alive today…

Did you catch this gem:

“The human onslaught to destroy life on Earth is unprecedented in Earth’s history. Planet Earth is now experiencing its sixth mass extinction event and Homo sapiens sapiens is the cause.”

“The human onslaught to destroy life on earth”? So this implies that you and I, we human beings, are not worthy to be considered as having LIFE. Instead, we are a “human onslaught destroying life on earth”. Note also that this ass is using the Darwinian religious-designation of “homo sapiens sapiens” to dehumanize us; a perpetrator will always attempt to dehumanize his victim, in his own warped mind, before attempting to murder her or him.

Hey, Burrowes, prove to me that this is the “sixth extinction”. Don’t just tell me it is, you bloviating ass, PROVE IT! I don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground, nor do I care to! So why the fuck should I believe anything you say, especially when you sound like a psychotic freak who despises humanity. Your last name should be changed to Himmler or Hitler, since you seem to be cut from the same cloth! You are a bullshitter and a liar! You are a Neo-Nazi Nerd! How the fuck can you live with your sorry ass?

I have a suggestion for this Darwinian-eugenicist, If you are so determined to save these “iconic species”, then why don’t you lead the way by blowing your own fucked up head off?

“Homo sapiens sapiens”, here it is once again. I’ve been having this Darwinian-eugenics bullshit shoved down my throat since I was in public school and college, and where is there a single, substantial shred of evidence to back up this religious dogma, disguised as science, this Zionist concocted “Goyim” confounding propaganda?

Let’s say, for a moment, we “homo sapiens sapiens” are the dominant species on earth right now, according to Chucky Darwin’s god (“natural selection”), shouldn’t it be our turn to do with this planet as we see fit, just like every other dominant species that has come before us?

Like all the other purveyors of religion on planet earth, the Darwinian faith-based believer makes up his religious dogma (fairy-tales) as he goes: “Fairy tales, can come true, they can happen to you….”

Moving on, but still ranting:

I am sick to death of these long-haired, woodsy-type freaks trying to pin the sad state of the environment on me and you (human beings), instead of rightly pinning it on those who are totally responsible for the environmental damage that has been done thus far: the elite-swine and their humanity and planet, raping and pillaging corporations and governments.

I didn’t invent the automobile, nor its oil-gasoline guzzling engine. Nor have I ever really benefited, in any real way, from any of the inventions that are responsible for this so-called “modern civilization”. Like most other people, I have simply been along for the ride, on this merry-go-round from hell. And so I am not taking any major responsibility for what has happened to the environment! NONE!

This particular brand of asshole will cry over a fish becoming extinct in some stream in the middle of nowhere, but he could give a flying fuck less about all the men, women and children being harassed, imprisoned, tortured and mass-murdered, by his elite-swine owners and operators, all over the planet. No, like most Darwinian-eugenicists, this malcontent, this retrograde-inverted nerd, has more respect for the life of an insect than he does for a human child (inside or outside of the womb)! And if this particular human child comes from poor people of color, then this low-life asshole would simply relish the idea of ridding the planet of him or her. Remember, folks, Darwin, like most well-off 19th century Englishmen, was a racist:

“The sense of smell is of the highest importance to the greater number of mammals–to some, as the ruminants, in warning them of danger; to others, as the Carnivora, in finding their prey; to others, again, as the wild boar, for both purposes combined. But the sense of smell is of extremely slight service, if any, even to the dark coloured races of men, in whom it is much more highly developed than in the white and civilised races.

And Darwin’s eugenics-creator half-cousin, Francis Galton, was even worse!

We need to cut down the population of this planet all right, but not by 90% or even 50%, but by ONE TINY TENTH OF ONE-PERCENT! We rid the world of this infinitesimal minority of inbred, elite-psychopaths, and we can then not only heal the environment/planet, we can also heal ourselves.

I care about this planet, and I want to be a better steward of this gift we have all been given. But it has been primarily those in charge who have wreaked the most havoc on the environment. As with all the wars and turmoil raging around the planet (which are also damaging the environment), we the individuals did not start this fire either. Nor are the seven billion of us even close to being the real problem with the environment.

The so-called problem of too many people for too little land and resources has nothing to do with overpopulation. But it has everything to do with all the land being seized by the elite .01% minority, and therefore, withheld from the rest of us. Enclosure and theft of the commons is why there appears to be too many people for too little land: in a nutshell, Catholicism/Feudalism begot Monarchies/Capitalism, and Monarchies/Capitalism begot land enclosure and theft of the commons. And there are too many of we the individuals, because all the land is owned by the .01% who control 95%-plus of the wealth and power on planet earth.

Ever heard of artificial scarcity?

“Artificial scarcity describes the scarcity of items even though either the technology and production, or sharing capacity exists to create a theoretically limitless abundance, as well as the use of laws to create scarcity where otherwise there wouldn’t be. The most common causes are monopoly pricing structures, such as those enabled by laws that restrict competition or by high fixed costs in a particular marketplace. The inefficiency associated with artificial scarcity is formally known as a deadweight loss.”

Artificial scarcity – Wikipedia

{Check this out, if you think I’m wrong: Fortune 500 Goes Farming, Nestlé, Monsanto, PepsiCo et al: The GROW Disaster, Destroying Family Farms Worldwide | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization}

There are stats showing that all seven billion of us could fit into and live in a large portion of the State of Texas, and comfortably so. But there isn’t enough open and free land left in the world, the size of Texas, for us to live on. So most of us are forced into living in overcrowded, polluted cities, where the elite make it appear as though the world is greatly overpopulated. The buying up of land, and forcing humanity into urban centers, was perpetrated by the elite-swine during the so-called “industrial revolution”; a name I am sure was concocted to appease the masses, who were stuck living on top of each other, in urban squalor, and working eighteen hours a day, seven days a week, for a mere pittance.

All of this land enclosure, theft of the commons, and artificial scarcity, is part of an ancient plan to rid the world of all peoples, except for those who, in their own warped minds, believe they are the people “chosen” to inherit and rule over planet earth.

If we would simply open up the commons, and the rest of the land around the world, once again, by taking it back from this tiny minority of inbred psychopaths, who stole it from our ancestors to begin with, then the planet, along with all seven billion of us, would be good to go for another couple of billion years or more.

But where is any of what I have just shared ever mentioned in the neoliberal propaganda rags, like the one I have posted here? Nowhere, that’s where! These psychopaths still believe most of us will believe anything they tell us, and without ever investigating to find out if they are lying or not. And on this one point, the elite scum are, for the most part, spot on.

Most of you sheep will buy into anything these freaks of nature tell you, and simply because they have a PhD after their name, or they have been coined an “expert” by a main-stream media talking-head. Most of you have been programmed/conditioned, from public school on, to be mindless members of the herd, and so you listen to and obey anything the “authorities” put forth as science or knowledge. And like any other herd, one day, this Darwinian freak’s elite owners and operators will have you all rounded up and lead away to a slaughterhouse, where they will proceed to forcefully depopulate the planet.

Enough said!

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