“Fakin’ It”

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Fakin’ It

Published on Friday, 09 December 2016

If Critical Thinking is about anything it’s trying to separate fact from fiction, reality from myth, news from fabricated or fake news. In an ironic twist, the purveyors of fake news point the finger at anyone but themselves, even though they’ve been found out time and time again.

Manufacturing Normality by CJ Hopkins

…what we are experiencing is the pathologization (or the “abnormalization”) of political dissent, i.e., the systematic stigmatization of any and all forms of non-compliance with neoliberal consensus reality. Political distinctions like “left” and “right” are disappearing, and are being replaced by imponderable distinctions like “normal” and “abnormal,” “true” and “false,” and “real” and “fake.” Such distinctions do not lend themselves to argument. They are proffered to us as axiomatic truths, empirical facts which no normal person would ever dream of contradicting.

Hysterical, fabricated stories of successive epidemics (Swine flu, Ebola, Zika) to induce fear and promote mandatory vaccination have been a recurrent theme in recent years.

My interview with former CBS star reporter: fake news by Jon Rappoport

At the time, star CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, was working on a Swine Flu story. She discovered that the CDC had secretly stopped counting cases of the illness—while, of course, continuing to warn Americans about its unchecked spread.

Understand that the CDC’s main job is counting cases and reporting the numbers.

The “fake news” hypocrisy took on an even more sinister twist with the emergence of the Podesta/Pizzagate/Weiner emails from wikileaks. Evidence of Satanic, ritualised abuse of children has put complicit media into overdrive in their attempts to smear and deride persons or organisations which follow the story and share information. That former victims tell similar stories, totally independent of each other, suggests that paedophilia at heart of the establishment is anything but fake.

Incest Survivor Exposed Illuminati Satanists (Updated)

In 1989, on national TV, a courageous young woman exposed the satanic Jewish forebears of the Illuminati who dominate the West.

People’s faith in the establishment is rightly crumbling and this momentum to learn the truth must be sustained. Once we understand the inevitable corruption, destruction and abuse which results from institutional hierarchy, we can begin to co-create real alternatives to the current, toxic political economy.

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