“Carter Helped Argentine Satellite Dictator Drown Thousands of Dissidents: New Docs”

Image: http://www.wsbtv.com

Jimmy Carter: “I lusted [for Argentinian blood] in my heart!”

Left/Democrat/Neoliberal + Right/Republican/Neoconservative = LOWLIFE, WAR-MONGERING, GREED-DRIVEN, MASS-MURDERING SCUM!

There is no difference between these two sides of the same rotten coin, nor has there ever been. Wealthy and powerful scum only look out for other wealthy and powerful scum. We the individuals need to rid ourselves of all of these monstrous creatures.

But this will never happen, will it Sheep?!

Carter Helped Argentine Satellite Dictator Drown Thousands of Dissidents: New Docs

Posted on December 17, 2016 by Robert Barsocchini

Newly declassified documents pertaining to ‘Operation Condor‘, a deadly crackdown on pro-democracy sentiment in US satellites in Latin America, reveal that the government of Jimmy Carter provided assistance to the US proxy dictator in Argentina that helped him drown thousands of dissidents in the ocean or rivers.

The revelations add to Carter’s already bloody legacy, which includes numerous similar crackdowns in US satellites around the globe.

Carter is also known for such fake-news/hoax statements as his claim that the US and Vietnam experienced equal levels of destruction as a result of the US’s illegal invasion of that country to preserve Western colonialism, an act of aggression that killed some 3 million Vietnamese people, including up to about 70,000 in a single US operation targeting civilians, the ‘Phoenix‘ program. Less than 60,000 of the invading US forces were killed (2% of 3 million), and the US was not invaded by Vietnam.

The newly declassified documents on Operation Condor also detail how the program was assisted by former members of the Nazi SS, Gestapo, Luftwaffe, etc., who took refuge under US-backed dictatorships in Latin America.

Source: Carter Helped Argentine Satellite Dictator Drown Thousands of Dissidents: New Docs


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