“Franz Ferdinand Moment? World War 3 in Sight?”

Franz Ferdinand Moment? World War 3 In Sight?

By Nathan Stolpman

It looks like we may be witnessing shit starting to hit the fan. The Russian ambassador shooting appears to be a blatant false flag and Germany is “under attack” as well. Looks like it’s going to be quite a week. I’m also going to show you once and for all that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks and I have another celebrity death hoax theory I’m kicking around involving Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufman.

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Source: Franz Ferdinand Moment? World War 3 in Sight?


8 thoughts on ““Franz Ferdinand Moment? World War 3 in Sight?”

  1. Apparently, the video as sourced can’t be watched in Canada. Oh, well. I’ll merely take my cue from the title, then: I don’t think that it’s a Ferdinand moment, but as you suggest, the warmongers are going to step up the campaign of provocations. It’s already ugly and about to get uglier. I doubt, however, that the Russians will take the bait. They will continue to bide their time.

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  2. I wish I hadn’t watched it! I’m glad I have never become so cold that murder doesn’t affect me anymore!

    I immediately thought false flag last night, when I first saw this video. But then this could be, and most likely is, a conditioned response on my part.


  3. The forces behind this treacherous assassination have probably triggered it because of that. The goal is already bigger battles, probably WW3, and the profit of the war lords and elites. All have bloody hands! My dear Earthling friend, today Karlov was commemorated with an official state ceremony and his funeral was send to Russia.

    This is a photo frame, there is Karlov’s son and wife in here. His son’s eyes are telling a lot. He has not got father anymore! Da*n you imperialists!

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  4. “The goal is already bigger battles, probably WW3, and the profit of the war lords and elites. All have bloody hands!”

    Yes! And we need to bind their hands, so they can no longer commit these atrocities!

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  5. While saying this order has to be changed, that’s we are talking about. In the name of the motherless or fatherless children or maybe both, it is necessary this planet should get rid of these elites!

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  6. Not in any way. Turkey and Russia will use his assassination for their own purposes and interests, probably against the Kurds, to fire police officers. It’s very funny that Youtube was filled with conspiracy videos just after the attack.

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  7. We are so accustomed, here, to these events being at the hands of our own government, that I automatically think false flag every time something like this happens.

    But then again, there is no real way to know for certain. But it will most likely spell more hell on earth for a great deal of people who are already suffering, and have been for a long time now.

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