“Mad, Bad Like All Bogeymen Before Him”

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The world is fed up with western imperialism, or to be more exact, U.S. hegemony, and rightly so:

Mad, Bad Like All Bogeymen Before Him

Published on Monday, 19 December 2016

Gaddafi, Saddam, Castro, Chavez…. if they had one thing in common, it was that they were vilified in the west as mad, bad and dangerous. “Dictator” is often the epithet as if that, of itself, denotes evil as opposed to the “benign” democracy of the west which has killed millions of innocents.

Philippinos have suffered under successive brutal regimes but the election of Rodrigo Duterte has begun to turn the tide of suffering, much to the annoyance of the west and its controllers.

Tough-talking Philippine President Duterte – fighting for his life & his country by Andre Vltchek

There is a sense of change in those narrow and desperate alleys of the Baseco slum in the Philippines’ capital Manila. For the first time in many years a beautiful, noble lady visited; against all odds she decided to stay. Her name is Hope.

No longer is it deemed unwise to create conflict/war on multiple fronts and we can expect further demonisation and attempts to destabilise the Philippines in order to foment regime change to someone more malleable. Few countries have been left to control their own destiny. World domination is the goal and that means everywhere.

There’s only one way to stop it. Learn, share information and withdraw consent. Our compliance and acceptance of the unacceptable are what drives this mad, bad and dangerous political economy.

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