“ALEPPO VIDEO DIARIES: Happy New Year from Aleppo”

“I have been back in France for two days and the familiar rage starts to bubble under my skin. People are kindly sending me information on the multitude of “Humanitarian convoys” that are “marching” to Aleppo to save the Syrian people.

Aleppo doesnt want you in Aleppo! It wants you to stay the hell out of Syria and to take your faux humanitarianism somewhere its really needed, like another planet.”

The Wall Will Fall

1st January 2017

Happy New Year noble Souria

Syria who maintains Humanity in the eye of the terrorist storm and kindness against inestimable odds.

Syria where the hand of friendship is always extended even to their enemies.

This collage of images is my very small and humble tribute to just a tiny percentage of the courage of these people. A courage that comes from a deep belief in the sanctity of their unity and their right to determine their own future without foreign intervention.

A right we should all be defending.

Please note in clip of elderly couple who had to leave their homes in Sheikh Saeed, they thank the Russians.

I would like also to say a massive THANK YOU to all who donated to my humble news site and enabled me to keep reporting from East Aleppo and to bring you the testimonies of the Sryian people, whose…

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