“Record 95,102,000 Americans Not In Labor Force; Unemployment Rate More Like 30%”

Image: http://www.activistpost.com Any 'working-class' American, with a fully functioning brain, should have known, over the last eight years, that the unemployment rate was skyrocketing, and the economy, at least for "we the people", had collapsed in 2008 But now, here is "house-slave" Obama ("step-n-fetch-it"), once again, lying his elite-owned and operated, "tattle-tale gray" ass off: … Continue reading “Record 95,102,000 Americans Not In Labor Force; Unemployment Rate More Like 30%”

“EXCLUSIVE: ‘President’ Raed Saleh’s Terrorist Connections within White Helmet Leadership”

The Wall Will Fall

8th January 2017

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

“Every single one of us has taken an oath to save lives regardless of political, sectarian or religious affiliation! We are neutral, impartial and humanitarian.” ~ Raed Saleh

Noble words from Saleh, leader of the White Helmets, as he accepted the prestigious Right Livelihood Award on behalf of his NATO allied and Gulf state multi-million-dollar funded ‘humanitarian’ NGO.

See my the open letter to offcials at the Right Livelihood organisation here: White Helmets Campaign for War NOT Peace – Retract RLA & Nobel Peace Prize Nominations

Raed Saleh (photo, above) rose to media glory through his leadership of a group of proclaimed “saviours of all humanity.” Since its formation in late 2013, the White Helmets claim to by Syria’s only viable ‘civil defense’ first responders, selflessly saving some 72,000 lives in only three years – regardless of the victim’s ethnicity, religious convictions or political aspirations. So…

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