Hey, Neolib Assholes, Trump isn’t President yet, if You Hadn’t Noticed!

Image: http://www.politifake.org

The image above pretty much says it all. God, how I loathe these script/teleprompter reading, Hollywood assholes, you know, the ones who make believe they are artists. What a sad, pathetic joke these self-absorbed megalomaniacs are! Hey, San Andreas fault, where are you when we need you?! “California tumbles into the sea…” If only!

First of all, I am not a Trump supporter, nor a supporter of any of the other professional criminals who ran for POTUS this time. But all of you who are whining now, played along, once again, with this carrot-on-a-stick political-farce, and now you want to scream bloody murder because your team didn’t win. Well, tough shit! Half of us had the common sense, the discernment and reason, not to take part in this every-four year bullshit, knowing that whoever won would just be one more sold-out stooge for the elite to use to do their bidding. Sanders, Trump, Clinton, it made no difference to us, these assholes are all the same, the same old shit on two legs, just like those who came before them.

With all the neoliberal created hell going on in the world (the Bush/Obama and crew created hell), all the Hillary-sucking Americans seem to be concerned with is getting even with Donald Trump, and for simply winning the election, or should I say, for Bill’s Bitch fucking up her bid, royally? Old Donny Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, and already he is, according to the sore-losers/whiners on the left, the reincarnation of Hitler, Stalin and Jack the Ripper all rolled up into one rich-bitch. Donny hasn’t even had the chance to fuck humanity and the world yet, and already the bloviating asses on the left are ready to assassinate him.

And what really gets me is, everything these Hollywood buffoons are attempting to pin on Trump’s fat, capitalist ass, Obama is already guilty of; and Hillary, by the way, was one of Barack’s sidekicks in these heinous crimes against humanity.

You tell me, which is worse, the harassing, incarceration, rape, torture and mass murder of millions of men, women and children, in the middles east, Africa, the Ukraine and South America, or a dumb-ass like Trump mocking a disabled reporter, and threatening to build a wall along the southern border; as if Trump is the first to even suggest such a thing?

And I know what’s behind a lot of this North Hollywood, Beverly Hills hysteria, the neolib left, just like the neocon right, doesn’t give a shit about what happens to the rest of humanity or the planet, as long as their neolib-feminist agendas remain protected and in tact: abortion being the main concern, of course, I mean, god forbid they and their whore sexual-partners should have to be responsible, and take the pill and use protection. Oh fuck no, being responsible is against their version of the so-called bill of rights. The world exists to please them, and them only!

All of this “Russian Hacking” and doomsday narrative is just whiny-ass, sore-loser bullshit. Where has all this outrage been during the last eight years? You know, the last eight years that saw Obama not only carry on Bush’s/Cheney’s war crimes against humanity, but increase the U.S. Corporation’s war on the world’s disenfranchised masses. Where is your outrage been over this, you Hollywood harlots and pansy-ass pretty-boys? You don’t give a shit, do you, Meryl and George, that Obama makes Hitler look like Mother Teresa? Nope, you don’t care, because Obama is a neolib, black man, well, sort of black, maybe “tattle-gray” is a better description. And the neolib god knows that a black president is a sacred cow that must be supported no matter what. And yet, the Clinton and Obama presidencies have done more harm to blacks than any of the republican administrations before or in between.

You make me sick, all of you fake-ass, Hollywood hypocrites! Maybe the storm hitting the left coast right now, will wash many of you into the Pacific. I can only hope! Beyond that, here is a tip for your lame asses, Donald Trump is president, and he is exactly what all of you deserve! So adjust!


The Liberal Mind Crashes and Burns

…They’re shoving their fangs in wherever they can, desperately hoping to unseat Trump before he takes the Oath of Office.

And if somehow Trump restores some of those lost American jobs? If by chance he doesn’t embark on more wars of Empire? If he destroys a swath or two of foul corruption inside the DC Beltway?


Sure she would. She would have flown and floated over the White House like an angel made out of cotton candy and pointed her wand at Washington criminals and dismissed them straightaway.

These liberals will now primp and plump up the Obama presidency and, in hindsight, it will become the greatest eight years in the pantheon of human progress. Obama will eventually become Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus Christ all rolled up into one…

The liberal mind crashes and burns « Jon Rappoport’s Blog


7 thoughts on “Hey, Neolib Assholes, Trump isn’t President yet, if You Hadn’t Noticed!”

  1. I am sorry I don’t know the issue, my Earthling friend. What did these Hollywood stars make on the picture? I assume they are against Trump, and they are followers of liberals and Clinton. And you are so right with your words to them.

    I’ve thought many times what are the todays artists -in every area including movies, paint, music and etc- doing while the world is sinking? They do nothing.

    This age will be written as regress times of humanity at history.

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  2. My friend, it’s the way things are here, in capitalist pig. neolib/neocon hell!

    Trump has not even been inaugurated yet, and the Hollywood neolibs (Hillary supporters) are already claiming that he is the worst president all time.

    Meanwhile, their black sacred cow, Obama, continues to rape and pillage the rest of the world, while at the same time, trying to start a third world war with Russia and China, as you know.

    The Hollywood folk are morons who only lean to the left because it is “cool:”. They are overpaid, under-worked morons who never know what is happening. They are talking heads, who can only spew back what has been programmed into them.

    Needless to say, my friend, I detest and hate these assholes, since they have power to influence the sheep-like people here, especially the young. And so as far as I am concerned, they are the enemy, just like Hillary, Obama and Trump!

    I hate this hell hole, is what I am trying to say!

    Sorry, my friend, I am just fed up with all of the mindless bullshit that goes down here, 24/7/365!

    I hope this helped?

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  3. Definitely, it helped.:) You have said “they have power to influence the sheep-like people here, especially the young.”

    Everything turns around same thing and comes to the education. If there was a questioning education these youngs could have learned to ask the question of “why”, in every situation.

    Today I’ve read the news about Meryl Streep’s speaking, and after then I have read a writing about critize of the Streep speaking. Here it is,

    The writing is closer what you meant in this post, even if some parts seem like critize about her unjustice coming up Hollywood world.

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  4. “Everything turns around same thing and comes to the education. If there was a questioning education these youngs could have learned to ask the question of “why”, in every situation.”

    Exactly, my friend! This is referred to here as “dumbed down”!

    Yes, Streep is the person who was behind my writing this post. She is another uninformed, Hollywood asshole who is only out to get another fifteen minutes of fame. She’s a dried up prune, a sad, pathetic Hollywood has been!

    My friend, I am sick to death of this country. I was born here by chance. I have no connection other than this!

    Thank you, my friend!

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  5. Education has to be saved from the hands of the elites and the capitalists, all over the world. There is no living creature except human being which sabotages own future!

    Merly Streep will be remembered as pro-capitalist and pro-order like the others. History writes truths always, it is a bad habit of history:)

    Whereever you’ve borned, I’m glad you’ve borned my dear Earthling friend. To know a human like you on this planet, is a privilege. 😉

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