“War on the Poor Continues: College President Fired for Helping Homeless Student”

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“…In the US, the homeless are ignored, abused and treated like criminals. Shelters are often fined and closed down, blankets and food are seized by police, and tent cities are demolished as their destitute residents watch. When compassionate citizens dare to offer assistance, they are often met with aggression from the State. In many cities across the country, it is illegal to feed the homeless, In others, you’ll be slapped with fines for doing so, or will be required to spend hundreds of dollars on permits if you want to feed the hungry.

To quote Joshua Krause:

As they say, you can always judge a society by how they treat their weakest members. So I shudder to think of how future generations will judge our society. We’ve become a nation that discards our poor like they are trash, and anyone who doesn’t “fit in” is segregated from the herd.”

War on the Poor Continues: College President Fired for Helping Homeless Student


File this one under “No good deed goes unpunished”…

Brian Carroll, campus president at Vatterott College in Kansas City, committed the unthinkable: He dared to help a student who is homeless and schizophrenic find a warm place to sleep.

Carroll, who was president of the trade school for five years, says one of his students had no place to go.

On Friday, January 6th, he allowed that student to sleep overnight in the school’s library.

His reward for that kind deed? On Monday, January 9th, he was fired.

Carroll said he knew the student was homeless, off medications he needed, lacked transportation, and would be sleeping outside in near-zero temperatures. The student had been sleeping in a wooded area near the school.

“I was thinking this is a life-threatening situation for the student,” Carroll told The Kansas City Star.

Carroll told Fox4KC his options were limited:

“I just didn’t want to take the chance. We had ice and snow.

I had a tough choice to make. He can’t stay on campus. I can’t put him in my car. I can’t take him to my house.”

Paul Ferrise, Vatterott’s regional vice president, said that Carroll had made a “bad decision” in allowing the student to stay overnight on school property. He said that Carroll could have helped the student get to a shelter:

“Mr. Carroll had a range of options available to him to help the student. He made a bad decision.”

But Carroll disputes that claim. He said school policy prohibited him from using his own car to provide a ride for the student. And Vatterott’s recruiting officer on campus said the student could be trusted to do what he said, so Carroll gave the student $10 with an agreement:

“He agreed that he would leave at 9 a.m. the next morning, and that he would get a bus and go down to get his medication. And he did, and he was back in class,” Carroll said.

Carroll is quite surprised that he lost his job, and feels a written reprimand would have been more appropriate, if punishment was necessary.

He said he and others around campus had been trying to help the student find housing. Carroll has worked in education for 35 years, and said he knew he took a risk, but choosing to protect a student was the right decision:

“I made a choice. I was choosing between life — I’m not from here. I’m from Southern California. I’m not sure if I could live in the woods at minus two degrees.

I don’t know of a direct written policy that says you can’t keep someone overnight. There’s a policy that says I must protect the assets. I did,” Carroll said.

Call me crazy, but I just don’t understand why an educational institution would fire a seemingly kind-hearted president who simply wanted to help a student SURVIVE an exceptionally cold night.

It seems to me that Carroll should not only have been able to keep his job, but should have been commended for extending the bit of help that he could offer to someone in desperate need…

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There should be a hell of fire and brimstone, and a very special place in it for government stooges and capitalist pigs!


Though Portland is often known for its quirkiness and microbreweries, the scourge of urban homelessness is quickly marring the reputation of Oregon’s largest city. Last Saturday, 52 year old Karen Lee Batts became the second person to die on Portland streets within the first week of 2017 due to hypothermia. Batts had been found in the Smart Park parking garage Saturday night when Portland Police arrived on the scene, responding to a report that a woman was taking off her clothes and struggling in the freezing weather. Though Batts’ actions may seem strange, it is actually common for sufferers of late stage hypothermia to frantically undress themselves as they begin to feel extremely hot due to nerve damage. Police responding to the scene arrived too late for Batts, who had already died from exposure to the cold.

However, Batts had not been homeless for very long. Public records indicate that Batts had been evicted from her apartment complex for low-income seniors in October. Batts had been evicted because she owed $338 in rent to Cascade Management, Inc. and Northwest Housing Alternatives, LLC, the companies which managed the housing unit. Batts was evicted on October 14th for being at least one week late with her rent payment for August and was sent a 72-hour notice a month later informing her of the balance she owed. The building managers sued to evict Batts on October 6th and they won the case by default when Batts did not show up to her court hearing…

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2 thoughts on ““War on the Poor Continues: College President Fired for Helping Homeless Student”

  1. Universities are businesses, as you know , Dave. A student from one of the universities where I taught came to my office in tears. A single mother whose child had a medical emergency that wasn’t covered by insurance spent her rent money to cover the costs. Her landlord, university housing, was going to evict her and her two children. My social work colleagues told me eviction was a good thing. Her family would go on the Salvation’s Army’s waiting list for emergency housing, and in the meantime, they might pay for a motel room. I don’t think eviction and homelessness are a good options for families, ever, so I wrote a check for part of her back rent and got the university to agree to let her stay. Although my colleagues thought me a fool, I wasn’t fired. I just was assured that I would never get tenure there. Blessings come in many ways…

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  2. Your caring and generous nature reminds me of my mother.

    Good for you, Carol! And how blessed this young woman was that you came into her life at this moment.

    Yes, education in general is a business. Everything in America is business, since wealth/power is god.

    If I am approached by someone needing help, I do what I can, not being financially sound myself. I received this much love and humanity from my mother. I have always been this way. And in college, I had people call me a fool to my face, because I had given someone in need money.

    But in almost every other way, I took after my father, which was not the best move for me. But that’s a long story.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be fewer and fewer folks like you and dear old mom. But maybe, we’ve reached bottom, and it’s time to start rising again? I hope so!

    Thanks, Carol!

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