“Police shooting death of 6 year old Jeremy Mardis Revisited”

With all the hate white males insanity going around, is it any wonder CNN didn’t bother covering this tragedy?

Pulp (Non) Fiction

by Mac⊕Æthyr²³

You quite possibly don’t remember the shooting death of six=year old Jeremy Mardis, an autistic boy from Louisiana.  Even more probable is that you never even heard of it.

How is that likely?  We live in an age of police body cameras and patrol car dash cams meant to protect the safety of the populace, as well as the rights of Police officers. With help from the mainstream media, #BlackLivesMatter activists have brought police misconduct, not to mention brutality and homicide, to the forefront of social issues.

Jeremy Mardis just so Happens to be white.   Officers Stafford and Greenhouse are accused of his murder, as well as the attempted murder of his father.  They just so happen to be black.  Four months ago I shared an article about the incident from CNN:

6-year-old boy fatally shot by policeted 9:34 PM ET, Thu September 29, 2016Now Playing
Source: CNN

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