“Can Populations Overcome Indoctrination and Propaganda?”

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News propaganda from paid presstitutes

I do hope so, else the world will descend into darkness…

Mass Deception Tentacles everywhereSchool are indoctrination CentersWHY Schooling is IndoctrinationTeachers indoctrinate

There are alternatives to this schooling method and there are survival skills worth exploring... There are alternatives to this schooling method and there are survival skills worth exploring…

Adults are told to get with the program!

  • For they truly believe what they were taught, and when facing contrary evidence, choose to ignore or ridicule it.
  • Refuse to suspend belief and search for truth.
  • Fear the possibility of mass deception & global conspiracy

MASS DECEPTION continues today…

2015_Mass Awakening_Staged Set

Title: More Jordan Maxwell Jems Here
Video posted 25 Jan 2017 by Texas Shrugged Book


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“The Fix-Nothing Farce of Symbolic Politics”

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“U.S. Healthcare The Best in The World? No, Actually, We’re Not Even Close”

The Paramedic Heretic's MEDICAL MISCREANTS

drugged-voo-doo-dollNot as long as THIS happens 300 times a day

Time for a reality check:

drug-death-chartErrant healthcare – including the constant, never-ending yammering of drug-pushing advertising – is almost guaranteed to kill 2,000,000 citizens, between now and New Year’s Day, 2037.

THINK about that, the next time you see the next red-hot Flu scare news story.


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