“Obama is Back, and This is What Will Happen”

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Like a bad case of herpes, corrupt assholes in ‘high places’ never seem to go away; they just slither around until someone, or fate itself, puts an end to them.

It isn’t bad enough that we still have to contend with a pervert, like Billy Clinton (and bitch), we will also, for the next twenty years or so, have to contend with the elite-swines’ numero-uno ace-in-the-hole, Obomber. And to whom do we owe our thanks for this? Why the neoliberal HERD, of course!

So now we are stuck with Trump & ASSociates, the Clinton hoard, and DRONE-THEM-TO-DEATH Obomber, and all of them will continue to fuck us and the rest of the world over. The completely over-the-top hyperbole of the elite-swine owned and operated main-stream media, along with “Step-n-Fetch-it’s” own nauseating farewell PERFORMANCE (he should get an academy-award), was evidently enough to push the self-proclaimed geniuses, on the left, off that ledge they have all been precariously perched on for the last thirty or forty years.

And this is what “we the people” get for being content with a system of government that should have been eliminated a long, long time ago:

Obama is Back, and This is What Will Happen

by Jon Rappoport

January 31, 2017

Through his mouthpiece, Kevin Lewis, Obama is back. The great Uniter, Mr. Hope and Change, the messiah of “we’re all in this together,” the father of Obamacare, the prophet of post-racial America, the former First Community Organizer, the free cell phone provider is on the stump again.

Politico: “Kevin Lewis, spokesman for Obama in his post-presidency, said that Obama — who has been threading the balance between the tradition of presidents deferring to their successors and coming out against President Donald Trump on specific issues he considered core values — ‘is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country’.”

“It is Obama’s first statement since leaving the White House.”

“’Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake’, Lewis said.”

“’With regard to comparisons to President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, as we’ve heard before, the president fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion’, Lewis said.”

Understand the trends and fashions—as reported by major media. There was: fake news stole the election; fake news sites were pawns moved on the board by Putin; Putin stole the election; Putin stole it for Trump; Trump is a Russian agent.

The latest: Obama is here again.

This allows the Democrats and the Left and Soros-funded troops to say Trump is not the real president. He’s a fake president. If anyone is the real president, it’s still Obama, and they will listen to him and follow him.

This idea will bloom.

Somebody—perhaps the Left’s dough-boy, Michael Moore—will say, “We do have a president and he is Barack Obama. I don’t care whether he’s living in the White House. Wherever he is, whatever he does, we’ll go with him, so we can save the country from this cheap imitation.” He’ll grin, blow his nose, snarfle, and giggle.

But behind these shenanigans, there is a serious point. The whole thrust of ops after Election Night was designed to allow media to wriggle off the hook for predicting Hillary would win and for overtly supporting her.

The storyline? Trump isn’t actually the president. He didn’t win. He cheated. Therefore, we the media were correct. Hillary did win. Our polls were accurate. Our forecast was accurate.

This is now bolstered by the return of Obama. The great one sojourned in the desert and came back to give us more truth. O hail. All praise.

“Okay, Trump IS the president, but not really. Obama is.”

This is what you get in certain countries where the president is running the day-to-day show, and then suddenly, from behind the curtain, steps the great religious figure wearing his cloak and his hat. He speaks a few words of wisdom (and warning, because he is the spiritual leader of millions of people), shakes his bejeweled finger, and disappears.

We can expect this action from Obama now and again as time passes.

His followers are so deep in trance that, if Obama dropped his pearls in Arabic, with a dutiful translator standing by, they would rejoice to an even greater degree.

“I am the ghost and conscience of the people, and here is my message today, as I stand in the clouds above the White House…”

Perhaps you recall that, during the 2008 Primary race, there were several large Obama events where the audience was slowly chanting “O-bam-AH, O-bam-AH,” right out of an old Star Trek episode in which Kirk and his crew were dealing with a society under the hypnotic control of a high priest who turned out to be a computer. I watched one of these Obama campaign rituals on television—and suddenly the chanting stopped on a dime. I assumed Democratic operatives in the hall shut it down. They didn’t want the viewing audience at home to think O’s candidacy was a ceremonial invocation or an MKULTRA sub-project.

Cheap cheesy archetype-caricatures are in play. Disney should pick up the option. Obama. The Great Father. Angel of Peace. Elder of the Tribe. The Prophet. The Redeemer. The Wise One.

Which Hollywood studio is going to hire which screenwriter and which beloved director to do the biopic of all biopics? O-bam-AH, in theaters and IMAX. Special effects by DARPA. After three hours in the dark, millions of people will stagger into the streets weeping.

“I felt like my whole life changed. He is the president.”

“He gave the Gettysburg Address and ended slavery.”

“Chicago Police report that 13 people died in a celebration outside a theater premiering the film, O-bam-AH, last night. There are unconfirmed rumors of shots being fired. One witness stated that a man from the well-known Southern Illinois group, White Trump Racists for the Reinstitution of Mass Slavery, was handing out copies of what he claimed were counterfeit birth certificates of the former president…”

The op continues.

“I’ll take O-bam-AH the Rainbow Warrior and Provider of Free Everything for All, for four hundred, Alex.”

Jon Rappoport

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