“Video: The 7 Most Devastating Things Mankind Could Discover”

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The following video sardonically mocks what is truly in need of being mocked; corporate-capitalist owned and operated ‘science’: the pitiful and incompetent mouse that roared!

Video: The 7 Most Devastating Things Mankind Could Discover


Nuclear weapons, evolution, the fact that Earth is not the center of the universe – these are all things which, for one reason or another, shook up the way we perceived ourselves and our world.

This video from Strange Mysteries examines some possible future discoveries, including human immortality, super-bacteria strains, artificial intelligence becoming more advanced than people, and plants feeling pain.

Source: Video: The 7 Most Devastating Things Mankind Could Discover | The Daily Sheeple


24 thoughts on ““Video: The 7 Most Devastating Things Mankind Could Discover”

  1. Yes, very true. In fact, there are days, when I’m feeling the isolation, that I want to quit. But I keep on going anyway.

    So having a good laugh, here and there, is like a breath of fresh air, as I’m sure is true for you as well.

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  2. I’m glad what I said helped. You are not alone, my friend! We are not alone, even if feels like we are!

    Being awakened to the hard truth, or having the scales fall away from the eyes of my mind/soul, is the most painful and difficult experience of my life so far. And what you have gone through (I can’t imagine) makes me feel ashamed for even complaining.

    I sense my purpose for now, right or wrong, is to help spread the awful and painful truth as best I can. And because of health and financial issues, blogging is about the only way I can help others. My only hope is, with my angry venting at times, is that what I am doing is of value to someone else. And what you are doing is of great value to others!

    I often quote an old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young verse: “Rejoice! Rejoice! We have no choice to but to carry on!”

    So, let’s rejoice and carry on!

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  3. Might I suggest a post? An article answering the question: Why do some people call women hysterical and need mental help, when really they are just enlightened and furious. Just a suggestion. I should see if I can find an article about that on google. Maybe, you have already posted one on your website, and I have not seen it yet?

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  4. Have you ever heard of the movie, Hysteria?


    It deals with this issue, but in 19th century England. It angers me every time I watch it. But it does end with issues improving for women, because some younger men finally woke up.

    I believe that the powers that be are using every thing they can use to keep the rest of us divided and at war with each other. And the current SOROS (a male) inciting of women and people of color, we should not be buying into. Or at least this is my opinion.

    I will think about your suggestion. But most likely, if I would write about this, I would offer up this movie, because it speaks of these issues better than I ever could.

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  5. This is a rough issue for me. I saw how my mother was treated in the factory she worked in: it destroyed her health, and she made less per hour than the men around her, even though she was the skilled labor. My mother and her female friends ran the machinery, because it ruptured the males. Now my mother was on “piece work”, so she, in the end, made more money than most of the men, but she had to work twice as hard to make it.

    On the other hand, every job I have ever had, from working in factories and offices to teaching in public school, the women made the same amount of money as I and the other males made, and they received the same benefits. It is, I believe, at the corporate top of the heap where the real inequality is, when it comes to equal work, equal pay for women. And why any human being, male or female, would want to become one of these low-life creatures is beyond me?

    I believe in freedom and equality for the individual, no matter the sex, race, color or creed. But I fear that there are many women and people of color who have made a deal with the corporate-political devil. And as I said in my last response, if we the individuals allow ourselves to be divided, then we do not stand a chance!

    Thank you for your understanding!

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  6. Sadly, I believe they most likely would have tried harder, had your son been white. This, as you know better than I, goes far beyond racism, this is eugenics-driven genocide! “The chosen” ridding the world of us “deplorables”, so they can have it to themselves.

    This is the horrendous beast we are all facing, every last one of us. Eugenics is alive and well! And until we the individuals awaken, and then stand up and tear down this nightmarish system, things will only continue to get worse for all of us!

    I’m sorry. I went off again!

    I wish I had the answer to all of this hell on earth, but I don’t.

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  7. I don’t have words that are PG rated, to express my feelings about this article. My boy never deserved this, What child does? My son was the most loving child and the sweetest little man a person could ever meet!

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  8. No one deserves this! This is government way out of control.

    I’m sorry this happened to you and your son. It’s this kind of crime that keeps me blogging. Even if it awakens one person, it’s worth it to keep going.


  9. BTW, I have started to attempt to write a post, on the subject you had suggested. But it might take me a while, because, first, I am not a writer, and so second, I want to make sure that what I have written is what I truly meant to say.

    So keep your fingers crossed for me. I could end up being public enemy numero-uno. I have had my butt kicked before!;-)


  10. You think you get your but kicked. I just went to file my taxes, the very last time I get to claim my son. 7 hour wait at the low-income place and the computer system crashes at my turn. I think the universe hates me. Oh, took a great picture of a sign that said, your EIC will be delayed this year, and the poster had a picture of an African American family on it, REALLY? Would like to send you that photo…..

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  11. I hear you! I am on a fixed income. And my social security income went up by three-tenths of one percent, or $2.00 a month, or $24.00 a year. And my rent, since 2014, has increased by $70.00 a month, and I just got a notice from the electric company raising my bill by $30.o0 for the next three months (budget catch up), and a notice that the garbage men need $24.00 more this year than last. And let’s not talk about the cost of the poison they call food.

    So I guess the universe hates me too!

    It’s strange, I was just throwing things around the apartment and cussing, and here you are in the same boat. ‘

    Maybe they’ll start draining us of blood next, like the vampires they are?

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