“Salon: Childless Climate Faithful Upset By Celebrity Hypocrisy”

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Salon: Childless Climate Faithful Upset By Celebrity Hypocrisy
Eric Worrall / 2 days ago January 30, 2017

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Salon, women who have taken a personal decision to help save the planet, by not having children, are angry that celebrity hypocrites appear to be ignoring the climate issues which they claim to take so seriously.

Baby Doomers: As climate change threatens to strain resources, women are increasingly reevaluating reproductive decisions. Now, these women are angry

When Sara Kelly, the 30-year-old founder of SAK PR firm in Philadelphia, posted an article to her Facebook page in December — one describing the growing trend of women refusing to have children for environmental reasons — it received more than 60 impassioned comments, mostly from friends of childbearing age debating the merits of the movement. “The topic comes up at least once a week,” Kelly told Salon. “People on both sides are having to put a lot more thought into their reasons than ever before. We’re forced to weigh the impact of climate change more than any generation before us. At dinner, cocktail hours, birthday parties. . . it’s on everyone’s mind.”

So, in the great population debate of 2016, who came out on top: the pro-baby set, or population-control enthusiasts? It doesn’t really matter, some experts contend, because we’re having the wrong conversation.

“We have a generation of people whose decisions are deeply and painfully complicated by climate change,” Josephine Ferorelli, co-founder of the nonprofit Conceivable Future, which frames global warming as a reproductive justice issue, told Salon. “There isn’t a correct answer here — it’s an impossible choice. So we’re trying to refocus the conversation to something larger.”

Conceivable Future — a network that welcomes parents as well as non-parents — encourages women of every experience to share their struggles in an attempt to put political will behind emotion. So far, they have more than 70 testimonials and counting. While they’re often mistaken for a population control advocacy group, this isn’t the case, largely because discussions of population control, they believe, are often rooted in classist ideology. Because it’s women in developing countries who tend to have more children, it’s these women who are often targeted. In reality, the largest per capita carbon emissions come from America. According to Mother Jones, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Zahara will likely produce 45,000 pounds of CO2 yearly, but that number would shrink to 221 pounds had Zahara stayed in Ethiopia.

It’s this discrepancy that’s increasingly shaping the plans of future mothers. Take Mary Sullivan, a 31-year-old school teacher from Newton, New Jersey, who has decided to foster children rather than have her own. “Climate change is already killing children in the developing world, and soon we will see the effects on the most vulnerable citizens of our country,” she told Salon. “Arguably, we are already. I don’t consider myself especially vulnerable, but I also don’t think I’ll ever be in a financial position to guarantee my child’s safety in the midst of a global crisis. With that in mind, yes, it does make me angry that there are people in the world who don’t even have to think about this — and these are often the very people making the decisions causing this disaster or refusing to address the problem.”

Read more: http://www.salon.com/2017/01/29/baby-doomers-as-climate-change-threatens-to-strain-resources-women-are-increasingly-reevaluating-reproductive-decisions-now-these-women-are-angry/

It is good that jet-setters who claim to be concerned about CO2 emissions are receiving more public criticism for their hypocrisy. But in my opinion, the real tragedy is women being terrorised out of child bearing by climate propaganda.

Source: Salon: Childless Climate Faithful Upset By Celebrity Hypocrisy | Watts Up With That?


Dept. of Energy employees “hack” their own internal documents to hide Bureau’s climate change agenda from Trump

Before he actually took office, President-elect Donald J. Trump was very likely under no illusions about the opposition to his policies and views he would face from a sea of Left-wing careerist federal bureaucrats.

So it isn’t a big surprise that these careerists would take every opportunity to trip up the president and stall his agenda, such as going to lengths in order to hide their personal agendas. As reported by The Daily Caller News Foundation, some employees at the Department of Energy even went so far as to ‘hack’ their own internal documents so they could hide their climate-change agenda from the incoming president, who has expressed, correctly, his disbelief in the entire issue. (RELATED: What’s real and what isn’t? See for yourself at Scientific.news)

The website noted:

Department of Energy employees have been scrubbing any reference to “climate change” from internal documents to keep the Trump administration from putting projects on the chopping block…

Read More Here:

Dept. of Energy employees “hack” their own internal documents to hide Bureau’s climate change agenda from Trump


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