“Newborn Baby Kidnapped from Alabama Hospital After Parents Decline Birth Certificate and SSN”

Big Brother, the pig of all pigs, is now a kidnapper of newly born babies.




Christian and Danielle Holm – on a mountaintop in 2015. Photo source: Christian Holm’s Facebook page.

UPDATE 12/22/2016

Baby of Parents Who Declined Birth Certificate Still Not Returned in Alabama

UPDATE 12/13/2016

#freebabyholm Awareness Event

Supporters will be holding a #freebabyholm Awareness Event in front of the Cleburne County Courthouse in Helflin, Alabama, beginning at 7:30 am central time on Wednesday, December 13. The Holms have court at 8:30 am. The courthouse is located at 120 Vickery St, Heflin, Alabama 36264.

According to the event page on Facebook:

We are hosting an event to raise awareness of the situation that Christian Holm and Danielle Holm have unexpectedly been thrust into. They are in the middle of the battle of their lives and have a custody hearing scheduled for Dec 14th at 8:30am. Speakers will be present to give presentations of the corruption within DHR and shed light on many…

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2 thoughts on ““Newborn Baby Kidnapped from Alabama Hospital After Parents Decline Birth Certificate and SSN””

  1. I wanted to go out and by an AK47, and I am not joking!

    How long are we going to contend with this brand of totalitarianism?


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