“The Gender War:” Another Elite-Swine Concocted Divide and Conquer Tactic!

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Just recently, a friend suggested writing a post on the issue of frustrated and infuriated women responding by protesting. And I told my friend that if I were to write something on this issue, I would, most likely (being a male), offer up the movie Hysteria as an example, since it explains the tyrannical silencing of women, perpetrated by males in power, much better than anything I could ever write.

But I will go this far by stating that women have every right to be frustrated and infuriated, especially when they feel as though their voices are not being heard by those in power. I know if I were a woman, and a man in power refused to listen to my legitimate arguments and complaints, and instead, told me, “You are hysterical! Lower your voice and calm down!”, I would be ready to punch his face in.

Of course, I have not experienced what women have gone through in this manner, but I have witnessed it, as a child and as an adult. And I can honestly state that I despise this kind of treatment of women, as I always have. I despised being silenced as a child. And as I grew older, I refused to put up with being silenced by anyone in this manner.

But if we stop to take a closer look at what is really happening, in “the land of the free”, then we should be able to see (discern/reason) that the 99.9% of the rest of us (men and women) have no voice in this government at all, nor have we ever. This government, just like all the other governments around the world, is owned and operated by a tiny minority of wealthy and powerful psychopaths. And therefore, the only voices being heard today, by the (s)elected stooges in Washington, are the voices of their Zionist-elite owners and operators.

What I am trying to say is, we lower-class men and women have no say, no voice, in what the government will or will not do next. “We the people” gave up our universal right to be heard, when we CONSENTED to be ruled by the local, state and federal governments: the U.S. Corporation and its fifty subsidiaries and lesser associates. “We the people”, and our completely whipped ancestors, are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in today. And yet, most of us (men and women) still look to this corrupt system of government to save us. We have become so sheep-like in nature that we must have a nanny/police state, A BIG BROTHER TOTALITARIAN STATE, in order to feel safe and secure.

So in this sense, most men I know are as frustrated and infuriated as the women I know. And these are the men who cannot find work to support them and their families, as they were indoctrinated/programmed to believe was their sole responsibility as a man. It is not the man’s sole responsibility to support his family, no more than it is the woman’s sole responsibility to stay home, raise the children, and clean the house.

We have all been conditioned/programmed, from birth, to be members of the blinded, ignorant herd. And thus, we are all in this together, whether we like each other or not.

So as far as I can tell, this issue of being frustrated and infuriated, at least at this moment, seems to be common to both men and women; the men and women whose ancestors built this country, with their sweat and blood (their lives), while the ancestors of the elite-criminals in charge, today, sat on their rich, inbred fat-asses, peeling grapes. And yet, the majority of us still keep doing what we are told to do, when and how we are told to do it, and never once asking why we should even be doing it. Nor are most of us seeking to bring down the criminals who are destroying us, and the rest of humanity and the planet, with their corporate-capitalist controlled government.

The Universal Freedom of the Individual:

I believe in the power of the universally free individual. Universal freedom is the birthright of every man and woman, no matter their race, color or creed. We were ALL born to be universally free, unique individuals, as opposed to ‘politically free’ beasts of burden, belonging to a controlled and doomed herd. But this age-old system/order of worldwide tyranny has always CONSPIRED to make sure all of us would grow up to be the complete opposite of universally free, unique individuals. The largest percentage of us (men and women) have been raised up, from birth, to suppress (or totally forget) our unique individuality, in order to make us just one more member of the madding herd.

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The universally-free individual, whether a woman or man, has been outlawed by this worldwide system/order: by the major religions, first and foremost, and then by the tyrannical governments they spawned. Any man or woman, today, who has discovered his/her uniqueness, his/her universal freedom, and is willing to speak out against this worldwide system/order, is automatically considered by the powers that be as a threat to the herd: these brave individuals are labeled as “loners”, “outsiders”, “trouble makers”, “criminals”, “terrorists”, “hysterical women”.

But many of us still remain completely unaware of who we truly are. And so we continue to ‘think’, believe and respond/act as we have been programmed. And this complete lack of awareness keeps many of us divided against each other: male against female, race against race, national identity against national identity, political/economic dogma against political/economic dogma, religious dogma against religious dogma. We have all been indoctrinated/programmed/mind-controlled to be at war with each other, in almost every way possible, so a few inbred-psychopaths could enslave us and rule the world.

As I have written many times before, the only hope I see for us (humanity) is to awaken to this age-old tyranny, this age-old curse, and then stop playing the twisted game of “us vs them” that this tiny minority of psychopaths have created to keep we the individuals DIVIDED and CONQUERED. We need to stop fighting each other, and instead, fight against our one true enemy: this worldwide system/order of governments/politics/economics, and the elite-swine who own and operate it.


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3 thoughts on ““The Gender War:” Another Elite-Swine Concocted Divide and Conquer Tactic!

  1. “Listen” made me think of you my comrade today. I do share your posts and many others here, where we are, on another internet source. So many people here devote so much time, on many topics trying to “Make Change”. I am humbled by you all. My site is so specific and will always stay small, maybe if I am lucky, only one more post will go up on my site, but soon I hope the privacy settings on the videos will be changed. Some call my site a snuff film. I can see why people would think that. However, there is than 5 minutes of 3 days of video, I have…..I will always spare the public from that. Those memories that are in my mind forever. When I hear “Listen” especially today, I thought of you 🙂 I don’t know who you are and that is not important. I know what you do! Yes, it is okay to leave this post up. No one can tell me not to talk to a friend.

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  2. This is the second comment today, that has brought tears to my eyes.

    As I said before, I cannot imagine what you have gone through. I doubt many people can. And what you are doing on your site is of great importance, because of what you have experienced. Don’t ever doubt that. Even if all your postings saves only one family from this, it will have been well worth it!

    This is how I look at my blog, if one person finds some truth here, then it is worth it to me to continue.

    Thank you for your words here, my friend! They mean a great deal to me!

    I was very moved by the lyrics and the emotion in her voice. There is so much suffering and pain in the world. It should not be like this!!

    Thank you again, my friend!


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