Out for a While!

Note: for the next several days, I am not going to be on line, except to publish the posts I already have waiting. I am dealing with some health and personal issues, and I need to get away from this computer for a while. So if you leave a comment, please know that I will answer it, but it may take a while.


16 thoughts on “Out for a While!”

  1. Sorry for your diagnosis. I don’t have any sleep problem or problem which is connected with stress for entire my life on this planet; at the moment when my head touches the pillow I would sleep, even it is not neccessary to have a pillow sometimes. I guess this is about being from outer space.:)

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  2. Sojourner, Take care of yourself! Whatever that means … short of major injury to others (unless you choose really deserving targets!) … and I have no good advice, just do what you need to hang on with us and see what comes next. Who knows, if we’re around long enough, there may even be pleasant surprises! Wishing you a good R & R session! – Linda

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  3. Thank you, Linda! I see one of the doctors I trust tomorrow. So I should know more by tomorrow evening.

    “…short of major injury to others (unless you choose really deserving targets!)”

    Love it!

    As Arnold would say, “I’ll be back!”

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