“Music hath Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast”

An old friend turned me on to the following videos. And for all of you older folks out there, who might have heard the Band, Chicago, live, just listen to how close these recordings are to the originals.

And to those who seek war with the Russian people, I say, Behold your “enemy”:




10 thoughts on ““Music hath Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast”

  1. Norm, it blew me away. Chicago is one of the bands that influenced me most, in my late teens, being a horn player.

    To be honest, I was moved beyond just the quality of the musical performance, I was moved by these musician’s love of the music! It brought tears to my eyes, because it brought back memories of a life I once had a long time ago.

    And it also brought tears, because I wanted to embrace these men, and pick up a sax and play with them!

    These are my brothers!

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  2. Aye! I understand the tears. I have them all the time when I have the absolute pleasure of listening to and seeing such performances. (It also really saddens me to know that the warmongers would destroy such treasures as these and other people. “Your enemies, indeed.”

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  3. If most people knew the wealth of Russian art, and music in particular, and loved it the way I always have, they would find it hard to hate the Russian people on the basis of a god damn difference in government and economic ideologies.

    But alas, this is not the way of most Americans or the rest of the world.


  4. Really enjoying this. It’s a strange mix of pleasure and sadness. It’s both a good day and a bad day. I woke up feeling depressed like I rarely do. Then on top of that, I read some awful news, as I am wont to do, and well . . . But now this! So I really don’t know what kind of day it is that I’m having. It’s both awful and beautiful and, yes, tearful. Oh, well, all things must pass, and so will I. Now to get back to this . . .

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  5. I had a day that like that yesterday. The last two months have been rough, physically and mentally, and so yesterday was a day I needed badly.

    I’m going to email you!

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