“Two films and one denunciation: I) “Falluja: A Lost Generation?” — a film by Feurat Alani / II) “Fear Not The Path Of Truth: A Veteran’s Journey After Fallujah” — a film by Ross Caputi / and III) “Mike Prysner Speaking Truth to Power”

Taking Sides

I) “Falluja: A Lost Generation?” — a film by Feurat Alani

Hat tip to the website,  Wall of Controversy.

Source of the summary that follows: Global Research TV

About the Film

After the resistance movement in Fallujah successfully repelled the first U.S. led siege of Fallujah in April of 2004, Fallujah became a symbol of heroism and resistance in Iraq. In the United States Fallujah was made into a symbol of terrorism. The U.S. mainstream media described Fallujah as a “hotbed of anti-Americanism” and an “insurgent stronghold”, and gave little mention of the 300,000 civilians that lived there. In November of 2004, the U.S. launched a massive siege on Fallujah that killed anywhere between 800 and 6,000 civilians, forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, and left much of the city in ruins. From that point on Fallujah became a symbol to much of the world of…

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