“Weather or Climate?”

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Weather or climate?

Published on Friday, 24 February 2017

Unusual weather is want to provoke the “it’s climate change” reaction – similar to yesterday’s brainwashing video, we’ve been subjected to decades of the climate change même (it was the “global warming” même before it became apparent that the claimed runaway warming was non-existent). But weather IS NOT climate and extreme weather is not in any way related to global temperatures, irrespective of the causes of temperature change.

The Great “Extreme Weather” Climate Change Propaganda Con

The “Extreme Weather” meme has earned its place in climate change history as the fundamental driver of climate scaremongering, used deceptively and effectively to promote the catastrophic man-made climate change theory by instilling fear, doom and gloom directly into the human psyche through simple imagery and repetitive correlation rhetoric.

Even though “weather” is not climate, the daily bombardment via news and multi-media of climatic disaster clips provide more than enough evidence for the casual observer to convince them that the climate is in fact changing as a direct result of human CO2 emissions.

In spite of the prevalence of climate change propaganda, many are waking up to the lies and deception around the man-made global warming myth and are expressing their doubts with well referenced arguments. What is the reaction of publications such as Popular Science? Rather than engage in healthy debate, they stop people expressing their views publicly because it may wake others up to the reality: man-made global warming is another scam. There has even been talk of making it illegal to express scepticism.

PopSci Kills Comments, Blames Global Warming, Evolution

First they came for the BoingBoing comments, then they came for the Popular Science comments, then they came for… wait, that pretty much sums up the current state of affairs. After BoingBoing opted to scrap its in-article comments for a forum in a few months back in June, PopSci just announced its decision to follow in suit with an article entitled “Why We’re Shutting Off Our Comments”. This remarkable act of reader censorship is backed by a number of questionable assertions — most notably the notion that reader comments undermine the preaching of a “scientific doctrine” and that “comments are bad for science.”

A recent edition of “questions for Corbett” considered: Why would people lie about climate? This question is addressed 16min 26sec into the video and explains how, contrary to popular myth, big oil is funding climate change hysteria rather than debunking it.

But on whose behalf are “big oil” (eg. Shell) and the World Wildlife Fund acting for? The Structural Elite, principally Rockefellers and Rothschilds who hatched and announced the global warming plot decades ago.

As was said in yesterday’s Daily Pickings, we have to challenge all our beliefs, many of which have been inculcated over decades through constant repetition, playing on our fears to make us feel guilty if we question accepted narratives. Time to wake up! When you realise how we’ve been played, it’ll make you crazy but once that passes, we can work on removing power from the charlatans, thieves and murderers.

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As I’ve asked many times before, if the science is truly “settled” on “AGW”, then why are the panderers of this theory (not fact) so terrified of debating those who question its validity? Seems to me, if AGW was this settled, scientifically, as the panderers of it claim, its supporters would be more than willing to publicly debate the issue with its scientific skeptics. Evidently, these corporate-owned faux-scientists aren’t prepared to take on those [real] scientists who say, “The science is not settled, not even close!”

Here is one more example of what I am referring to here:

Reporter Fired for Questioning Vaccines and Climate Change

(Natural News) Fascism is alive and well in the U.S., where a news reporter and meteorologist was recently fired from her job — not for poor performance or because she committed some type of crime, but simply because she supports the freedom of parents not to have to vaccinate their children, and because she questions the legitimacy of some of the science that backs the theory of man-made global warming.

Misha Michaels from WGBH in Boston was told by her bosses at the station that she “is not a good fit” after it was revealed that she had supported a legislative bill allowing parents to forego vaccinating their children. Michaels also posted information on her website contradicting the official narrative on man-made global warming, writing that she believes “strongly that politics has warped the scientific process and natural variation has a much stronger hand than humans do.”

These are quite reasonable positions for a person to take — and more importantly, they’re personal ones that every American is afforded under the First Amendment. But Michaels’ colleagues weren’t too happy once they found out that she held these views, and quickly ratted Michaels out to her bosses. Not long after, Michaels was told she was no longer employed as a science reporter for the “Greater Boston” show…

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