“What A Sad, Sorry Week For Liberty…”

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Just as I predicted last November, Trump is turning out to be no different from Hillary or Obama, when it comes to invading our personal space/privacy, the economy, the so-called war on drugs, and waging war on the world:

What A Sad, Sorry Week For Liberty…

By Truthstream Media

People are cheerleading for the same oppressive state that created the problems to begin with. In the name of immigration control we are now entering an even bigger “papers please” police state which will threaten everyone’s civil liberties. And then there’s Jeff Sessions and his support for the ongoing failure called the Drug War and its attendant for-profit prison system. Of course, always in the background is more war on the horizon.

Melissa Dykes breaks down the week in (fading) liberty…

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  1. Yeah, well what did anyone really expect? The important point is that Obama’s presidency was a huge con-job – and Hilary would have been no different if she had been in the White House. Change your system, guys! And focus on the real enemy: the Money Power!

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