“Fourteen Lies That Our Psychiatry Professors in Medical School Taught Us Med Students” (3 Articles)

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Here is the awful truth, and right from the horse’s own mouth:

Fourteen Lies That Our Psychiatry Professors in Medical School Taught Us Med Students

By Dr. Gary G. Kohls

A detailed and unabridged version of the 14 lies with supporting scientific and medical analysis can be consulted at the foot of this article scroll down.

Lie # 1:

“The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) tests all new psychiatric drugs”

Lie # 2:

“FDA approval means that a psychotropic drug is effective long-term”

Lie # 3:

“FDA approval means that a psychotropic drug is safe long-term” .

Lie # 4:

“Mental ‘illnesses’ are caused by ‘brain chemistry imbalances’”

In actuality, brain chemical/neurotransmitter imbalances have never been proven to exist (except for cases of neurotransmitter depletions that can be caused by psych drugs) despite repeated examinations of lab animal or autopsied human brains and brain slices by neuroscientists. Knowing that there are over 100 known neurotransmitter systems in the human brain, proposing a theoretical chemical ”imbalance” is laughable and flies in the face of science. Not only that, but even if a theoretical imbalance between any two of the 100 potential systems did exist a drug could never be expected to re-balance it!

Such simplistic theories have been perpetrated by Big Pharma upon a gullible public and a gullible psychiatric industry…

Lie # 5:

“Antidepressant drugs work like insulin for diabetics”

Lie # 6:

“SSRI ‘discontinuation syndromes’ are different than ‘withdrawal syndromes’”

The so-called “antidepressant” drugs of the SSRI class are indeed dependency-inducing/addictive, and the neurological and psychological symptoms that occur when these drugs are stopped or tapered down are not “relapses” into a previous ”mental disorder” but are actually new drug withdrawal symptoms that are different from those that prompted the original diagnosis….

Lie # 7:

“Ritalin is safe for children (or adults)”

In actuality, methylphenidate (= Ritalin, Concerta, Daytrana, Metadate and Methylin; aka “kiddie cocaine”) is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor drug and, it works exactly like cocaine on dopamine synapses, except that orally-dosed methylphenidate reaches the brain more slowly than snortable or smoked cocaine does. Therefore the oral form has far less of an orgasmic “high” than cocaine. Cocaine addicts actually prefer Ritalin if they can get it in a relatively pure powder form. When snorted, both the synthetic Ritalin has the same onset of action as the natural cocaine, but it has a longer lasting “high” and is thus actually preferred among addicted individuals. The molecular structures of Ritalin and cocaine both have amphetamine base structures with ring-shaped side chains which, when examined side by side, are remarkably similar. The dopamine synaptic organelles in the brain (and heart, blood vessels, lungs and guts) are unlikely to sense any difference between the two drugs….

Lie # 8:

“Psychoactive drugs are totally safe for humans”

Actually all five classes of psychotropic drugs have been found to be neurotoxic (ie, known to destroy or otherwise alter the physiology, chemistry, anatomy and viability of the vital energy-producing mitochondria that is in every brain cell). They are therefore all capable of contributing to dementia when used long-term.

Any synthetic chemical that is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier from the capillary circulation into the brain can alter the brain. Synthetic drugs are NOT capable of healing brain dysfunction or reversing brain damage. Rather than curing anything, psychiatric drugs are only capable of temporarily masking symptoms while the abnormal emotional, neurological or mal-nutritional processes that mimic “mental illnesses” continue unabated….

Lie # 9:

“Mental ‘illnesses’ have no known cause

The root causes of my patient’s understandable emotional distress were typically multiple, but the vast majority of them had experienced acute and chronic sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual traumas as root causes – often accompanied by hopelessness, sleep deprivation, serious emotional/physical neglect and brain nutrient deficiencies as well….

Lie # 10:

“Psychotropic drugs have nothing to do with the huge increase in disabled and unemployable American psychiatric patients”

Many commonly-prescribed drugs are fully capable of causing brain-damage and dementia long-term, especially the anti-psychotics (aka, “major tranquilizers”) like Thorazine, Haldol, Prolixin, Clozapine, Abilify, Clozapine, Fanapt, Geodon, Invega, Risperdal, Saphris, Seroquel and Zyprexa, all of which can cause brain shrinkage….

Lie # 11:

“So-called bipolar disorder can mysteriously ‘emerge’ in patients who have been taking stimulating antidepressants like the SSRIs”

In actuality, crazy-making behaviors like mania, agitation and aggression are commonly caused by the SSRIs (Prozac [fluoxetine], Paxil [paroxetine], Zoloft [sertraline], Celexa [citalopram] and Lexapro [escitalopram).

An important point to make is that SSRI-induced mania, agitation, akathisia and aggression is NOT bipolar disorder, and SSRI-induced psychosis is NOT schizophrenia! (Google ssristories.net to read over 5000 documented stories about SSRI drug-induced aberrant behaviors, including 48 school shootings/incidents, 52 road rage tragedies, 12 air rage incidents, 44 postpartum depression cases, over 600 murders (homicides), over 180 murder-suicides and other acts of violence including workplace violence. These cases only represent a tiny fraction of the possible cases, since medication use is rarely reported in the media.)….

Lie # 12:

“Antidepressant drugs can prevent suicides”

In actuality, there is no psychiatric drug that is FDA-approved for the prevention of suicidality because these drugs, especially the so-called antidepressants, actually INCREASE the incidence of suicidal thinking, suicide attempts and completed suicides….

Lie # 13:

“America’s school shooters and other mass shooters are ‘untreated’ schizophrenics who should have been taking psych drugs”

Lie # 14:

“If your patient hears voices it means he’s a schizophrenic”

The very sobering information revealed above should cause any thinking person, patient, thought-leader or politician to wonder: “how many otherwise normal or potentially curable people over the last half century of Big Pharma propaganda have actually been mis-labeled as mentally ill (and then mis-treated as mentally ill) and sent down the convoluted path of therapeutic misadventures – heading toward oblivion?”

In my mental health care practice, I personally treated hundreds of patients who had been given a series of confusing and contradictory mental illness labels, many of which had been one of the new “diseases of the month” for which there was a new psych “drug of the month” that was being heavily marketed on TV or by the drug company sales staffs.

Many of my patients had simply been victims of unpredictable and un-forseeable drug-drug interactions (far too often drug-drug-drug-drug interactions) or simply adverse reactions to psych drugs which had been erroneously diagnosed as a new mental illness. Extrapolating from my 1200 patient experience (in my little isolated section of the world) to what surely must be happening all over America boggles my mind. There has been a massive iatrogenic (doctor- or drug-caused) epidemic going on right under our noses that has affected tens of millions of suffering victims who could have been cured if not for the drugs.

The time to act on this knowledge is long overdue.

Note that the article above is abbreviated

Complete unabbreviated version below…

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Source: Fourteen Lies That Our Psychiatry Professors in Medical School Taught Us Med Students | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

P.S. 1


As was predicted in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the Elite have a vested interest in keeping their subjugated populace drugged to the maximum extent possible so that they do not ever wake from their stupor in order to challenge their soft (and sometimes overt) tyranny over them.

Brave New World is a novel written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley, and published in 1932. Set in London in the year AD 2540 (632 A.F.—”After Ford”—in the book), the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning that combine profoundly to change society.

The “World State” was built upon the principles of Henry Ford’s assembly line: mass production, homogeneity, predictability, and consumption of disposable consumer goods. While the World State lacks any supernatural-based religions, Ford himself is revered as the creator of their society but not as a deity, and characters celebrate Ford Day and swear oaths by his name (e.g., “By Ford!”). In this sense, some fragments of traditional religion are present, such as Christian crosses, which had their tops cut off to be changed to a “T”.

From birth, members of every class are indoctrinated by recorded voices repeating slogans while they sleep (called “hypnopædia” in the book) to believe their own class is superior, but that the other classes perform needed functions. Any residual unhappiness is resolved by an antidepressant and hallucinogenic drug called “soma.”

This is why the Oligarchy/Plutocracy supports a vibrant pharmaceutical industry, consisting predominantly of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-human emotion drugs.

As was explained in ZeroHedge’s article by Michael Snyder in “The Drugging Of America Summarized In 19 Mind-Altering Facts,” the author makes the points that:

“The American people are the most drugged people in the history of the planet…Illegal drugs get most of the headlines, but the truth is that the number of Americans that are addicted to legal drugs is far greater than the number of Americans that are addicted to illegal drugs…close to 70 percent of all Americans are currently on at least one prescription drug…In addition, there are 60 million Americans that ‘abuse alcohol’ and 22 million Americans that use illegal drugs…What that means is that almost everyone that you meet is going to be on something. That sounds absolutely crazy but it is true…We are literally being drugged out of our minds…there are 70 million Americans that are taking ‘mind-altering drugs’ right now…If it seems like most people cannot think clearly these days, it is because they can’t…We love our legal drugs and it is getting worse with each passing year…And considering the fact that big corporations are making tens of billions of dollars peddling their drugs to the rest of us, don’t expect things to change any time soon…”

The pharmaceutical industry funds with billions of dollars medical doctor and scientific whores who have categorically declared that the vast majority of Americans are bona fide, “mentally ill,” and thus require immediate, consistent, and long-term medication…

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The Deep State Oligarchs/Plutocrats Want To Keep America Drugged

P.S. 2

Prescription opioid deaths surpass gun-related deaths… Big Pharma literally killing more people than GUNS

(Natural News) The opioid epidemic in America is killing more people than guns and the blame rests squarely on Big Pharma. Until 2007, the number of deaths by firearm was five times greater than those caused by overdoses, but in 2015 overdose deaths surpassed gun deaths for the first time – and it looks like the trend will continue.

Drug companies have orchestrated and encouraged the over-prescription of powerful opioid painkillers for the past couple of decades – a policy which created problems now threatening to spiral out of control as the overdose death toll continues to rise dramatically each year.

America’s current opioid crisis can be traced directly to the introduction of extremely potent – and highly addictive – opioid painkillers such as OxyContin, which was first marketed in 1995 and soon became a problem, both with patients who became addicted and with recreational drug users, who could snort or inject the drug much in the same fashion as heroin, and with similar results.

The federal government has finally ordered stricter limits on the prescription of opioid painkillers, but that has driven many opioid-dependent people to the streets in search of substitutes like heroin or increasingly, synthetic opioids such as fentanyl – an often illicitly-manufactured drug many times stronger than heroin and far more dangerous in terms of overdose potential…

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