“And Now: Oprah Winfrey Might Actually Run for President in 2020”

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I know the next POTUS freak-show is still four years off, but the thought of this outcome would be even worse than Hillary and Donald combined. I never, in my worst nightmares, would have believed the Trumpster would be POTUS. So in four years, there is a distinct possibility that this Zionist Hollywood-stooge, Harpo Winfrey, could be the next sold-out nincompoop to descend to the throne.

Since 1981, “we the [FUBAR] people”, along with the rest of FUBAR humanity, have had to suffer through senile, bad-actor Ronnie Reagan and his “Just say no!” spouse; CIA-clone George H.W. Bush; hillbilly, sexual-predator Bill Clinton and spouse; moron G.W. Bush and goose-stepping Cheney; “step-n-fetch-it/tattle-tale grey” Obomber; and most recently, the Orange-Tweet Trumpster. And now, in four years, we and the rest of the planet might just have to suffer through the Harpo Winfrey (Trump Wanabe) administration, as well.

Does anyone else see the drastic spiraling down taking place here? And I thought we had reached absolute bottom with the Trumpster. Go figure.

And you, the 52% sheeple out there, who ignorantly and willfully took part in this every-four-year-farce last year, will continue this asinine parade of side-show freaks, and without a second thought. You, who “still believe”, will make damn sure that all the rest of us go down this filthy, slimy toilet-bowl with you. You will vote for this fat-then-thin-then-fat, sitting-on-her-ass-pretending-to-be-queen moron, and simply because she is a black woman, or because you think she might just buy you a new car, or send you on a paid vacation to Lower Boguslavia. To hell with the rest of us here on planet earth, it will be “Harpo! Harpo! in 2020”, RIGHT?

These willfully-ignorant sheep are always looking for a spiritual or political savior (“identity politics”) who will come along and rescue them from the FUBAR mess they have helped to create. And yet, not one of these herd-mentality simpletons will ever be capable of comprehending that the one true enemy they need rescuing from most, is themselves:

And Now: Oprah Winfrey Might Actually Run for President in 2020


Are we literally living in Plato’s cave? Or a cartoon?

Now talk show host Oprah Winfrey is talking — again and a bit more seriously — like she might actually run for president in 2020.

Via Zero Hedge:

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Oprah says that she never really thought she had the right experience to be President but that Trump’s victory has her thinking she just might have a shot at the White House.

“I actually never thought that that was – I never considered the question, even a possibility.”

“I thought, ‘Oh, gee, I don’t have experience. I don’t know enough. I don’t.’”

“And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh! Oh!’”

Yes, because the election of a 1-term Senator from Illinois, whose prior real world “experience” consisted of “community organizing,” was not sufficient evidence to convince Oprah that the U.S. Presidency was within her grasp.

But while Oprah’s resume pales in comparison to that of a “community organizer”, she’s quite certain her credentials would match up well against a person who has managed a multi-billion dollar, global real estate portfolio for all of his adult life.

Translation: Oprah’s convinced she can maintain the support that Hillary received from women in 2016 and recapture the minority voters in the Midwest that overwhelming showed up to support Obama in 2008 and 2012 but largely abandoned Hillary in 2016.

She isn’t just a billionaire without political experience in the vein of Trump, she is part of eugenicist Bill Gates’ “super friends” club, so she has that elitist side on lock.

{Sojourner note: and boy will Harpo be shocked in the end! This “Black Capitalist”, when it all comes crashing down, will find her fat-ass sitting in a FEMA camp with the rest of us, since the Zionist pigs, who will inherit what is left of this planet, despise anything that is not Zionist, male and white, which, of course, will leave Harpo, and Obomber, on the outside looking in!}

Matt Drudge of Drudge Report seems to think this would be amazing ala this Tweet he sent out a few hours ago:

But I think it’s just more proof we’re living in the film Idiocracy.

Contributed by Piper McGowin of The Daily Sheeple.

Source: And Now: Oprah Winfrey Might Actually Run for President in 2020 | The Daily Sheeple


6 thoughts on ““And Now: Oprah Winfrey Might Actually Run for President in 2020””

  1. That means we have to put up with Stedman Graham, let us all think about that.
    BTW my IE browser hates wordpress sites. It tosses up a certification warning, that I literally have to restart my computer to make go away and then use Mozilla to access WordPress sites.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I use Chrome. Folks say I should use this one and that, because they are “secure”. There is no secure.

    But who knows why IE is picking on WordPress. Blogspot is on IE, and it has as many alt media folks as WordPress.


  3. You mean Harpo and Stedman!;-) It’s what she calls her production company.

    Neither can Bill and Hillary, I’m sure. Hillary can’t get a date, and Bill can’t resist, being the predator he is.

    It doesn’t matter who is next. It really doesn’t. The die is cast!


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