“We Are Becoming The Internet, The Internet Is Becoming Us” (2 Articles)

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If we (humanity) still had a modicum of common sense left, we would destroy our smart televisions and computers, smart phones and cell phones, and begin the long journey of taking back our individual self-determination and sanity. But evidently, it is already far too late for anything like this to ever happen. Most likely, the die has already been cast, and so we are already doomed:

We Are Becoming The Internet, The Internet Is Becoming Us

By Truthstream Media

The Internet is a military creation that has now become an essential part of communication in the modern world. Melissa Dykes explains the impact this is having on our relationships, our minds, and how we receive information. But it’s also a two-way street where we give information that is used for surveillance, targeted advertising, and even social engineering.

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Wi-Fi’s Infidelity—What’s That?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

How many readers know what the term “Wi-Fi” is the contraction for? It’s tech speak for “Wireless Fidelity.” And, nothing is more of an oxymoron than Wi-Fi, which is extremely vulnerable to all sorts of attacks and hacking, all because of the porous network(s) it operates on no matter where you find it, plus its ‘sharing’ data collected capabilities. I’d be very wary about doing online banking while sipping coffee in some free-Wi-Fi café! Why doctors’ offices have Wi-Fi only proves how much they don’t know about health and wellbeing, in my opinion.

To put Wi-Fi into a proper perspective of sorts, let’s review what Wikipedia says about it:

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Wi-Fi’s Infidelity—What’s That?