“Safe Space: Liberal University to Conduct ‘Heterosexual Privilege’ Training” (2 Articles)

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And the divide and conquer tactics of the elite-swine continue unabated!

I should have been unpleasantly surprised, or even shocked, by the subject matter in the following article, if, that is, I actually lived in a sane world; where a tiny minority of lunatics were safely stowed away in asylums, instead of ruling the world.

It has already been made more than clear to me, and those like me, that I am the mortal enemy of this world, and simply because I am a so-called “WHITE, PRIVILEGED MALE”. But now, I have found out that I am an enemy of this world in another way, as well, I am also a “PRIVILEGED HETEROSEXUAL”.

Is there some new-age hierophant, sitting on a mountain top somewhere, whom I can go to and confess my sins against humanity, and for simply being born a white male who is sexually attracted to women? Or should I just get the pistol and bow out, ungracefully, in a bloody mess?

Just the fact that I am hated this much, by this tiny minority of lunatics, is enough to keep me alive for a long time. If I am a detriment or threat to these self-absorbed lunatics, and their misandrist, racist cohorts, then I hope I live for another sixty-seven years. Or in other words, these lunatics, these whiny-ass cartoon characters, can kiss my WHITE-MALE-HETEROSEXUAL ARSE!

As I have made clear many times before, I could care less about who loves and screws who on planet earth: male on male/female on female is none of my business. Go for it! Scratch that itch! I could really care less. So my frustration and anger here, has nothing to do with homosexuality/lesbianism or any variation thereof.

My frustration and anger are due to the fact that people like me are being openly disparaged and threatened, and solely on the basis of our race/color, gender and “sexual-orientation”. And the last time I checked, I thought the far-left stood against this kind of discrimination and bigotry? But I guess this has changed, along with the far-left’s view on waging war on “third world” nations:

Safe Space: Liberal University to Conduct ‘Heterosexual Privilege’ Training

By: JD Heyes

Date: March 01, 2017

The absurdity of the liberal Alt-Left knows no bounds, but the really confusing part is why so many rational people continue to put up with it.

Over the past year, we’ve had to endure brainwashed Leftist student snowflakes demanding “safe spaces” on campuses as protection against pretty much anything that offends them – President Donald Trump, conservatives and the GOP agenda chief among those things, but also anyone who doesn’t believe all minorities are perpetual victims, that chimps and African game animals really aren’t more important than aborting human babies, and that Elvis is actually still alive and living secretly in a convent in Memphis.

Now comes the latest asinine development: Officials at Marshall University in West Virginia actually held training for its employees about “heterosexual privilege” Feb. 21, “as part of the school’s Safe Space training for faculty and staff,” reported The New American.

Now, in addition to whites having some sort of inherent “privilege” that no one seems capable of legitimately identifying, straight people are also guilty of claiming a privilege that gays, lesbians, transgendered individuals and people claiming to be farm animals don’t have.

Still think the Marxist political and academic Left behind all of this craziness isn’t directly assaulting traditional American values? If you do, I’ve got a dacha near Moscow to sell you complete with the equipment Russian intelligence used to “hack the November elections.” (RELATED: Why the Russian hack election conspiracy is complete political buffoonery)

“Our society is geared toward traditional heterosexual roles and relationships, and as a result there are certain privileges that heterosexuals in traditional relationships are afforded that they may take for granted that others in the LGBTQ community may not have,” Morgan Conley, a mental health specialist for the university, told Heat Street. [Emphasis added]

Yes Morgan, our society – and every other one on the planet – is geared towards heterosexual roles and relationships because 96 percent of the country is heterosexual. And thank goodness, because were the opposite true we would have bred ourselves out of existence thousands of years ago.

Also, you’ll notice again that these “privileges” are not defined; some Left-wing kook just decides that privilege exists and voila, it does, so now we must acknowledge it and deal with it.

For another thing, there has never been a more liberal time for gays, lesbians and transgendered people in the history of the planet. While many people still can’t accept such relationships – for religious or personal reasons – gay/lesbian/transgender individuals enjoy more protections today than at any other time in the past; that’s just true. Trump’s executive order last week undermining the Obama administration’s attempt to force local schools to allow students with one set of plumbing to use bathrooms and locker rooms assigned to those with a different set of plumbing, was not a “rollback of protections;” it was an acknowledgement that local school boards should be deciding such things, not Washington bureaucrats. (RELATED: Anger of left-wing federal bureaucrats makes it an easy choice for Trump to eliminate incompetence and waste)

And along those lines, at what point do gay, lesbian and transgender minorities get to make the rules for the other 96 percent of the population?

{Sojourner note: here is another example of the nano-spec of shit on the tail wagging the entire dog! Majority rule has never existed in this bald-faced lie referred to as a “democratic republic”. It has always been the tiny minority of assholes (the out of control tail) ruling over the vast majority (the faithful and obedient dog).}

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Source: Safe space: Liberal university to conduct ‘heterosexual privilege’ training


Here is yet another example of this elite-swine driven race-bating/divide-and-conquer lunacy:

Post-Obama America: Liberals now Pushing for a ‘White Privilege’ Tax

Wesplain.com is a website whose self-proclaimed mantra is “Egalitarianism and social justice.” It features stories and anecdotes for so-called oppressed people. Stories like questioning if suicide is an answer to escape privilege, written by a person whose whole life spun out of control when a genealogy website revealed they were related to Nazi’s and Nazi supporters. Or there is the story of a woman claiming she was raped by a kiss. All standard left-wing, liberal SJW garbage.

One story, in particular, stands out because it repeats the narrative of the recent calls-to-action being made suggesting that African-Americans, and perhaps other minorities, are owed reparations by white people because whites benefit from Privilege. Websites like Reparations.me have even been created for the purpose of white people to make financial donations out of guilt. We’re not talking 40 acres and a mule either. People are asking for everything from concert tickets, cars, and even engagement rings. And let us not forget the students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison demanding that all African-American students should be granted free tuition and housing because African Americans were legally barred from education during slavery. But the Wesplain story titled “It’s Time for White People to Pay for Privilege” proposes a new method to strong-arm white people into taking financial responsibility: An Equality Tax. (RELATED: Get all the news Google is trying to hide from you at Censored.news)

The author explains that it’s an “irrefutable,” basic fact of life that the majority of white people are privileged. Affirmative action policies are not enough, and to “level the economic playing field” an additional tax should be placed on white people. The writer claims that the current U.S. fiscal policy does not recognize inherent economic disadvantages that people of color face every day such as racist employers, a disproportionate targeting of minorities by law enforcement, racial wage gaps, and poor inner city schools…

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Post-Obama America: Liberals now pushing for a ‘White Privilege’ tax