The Number-One Hypocritical Hierophant Inadvertently Comes Clean?


There is a never-ending parade of lunatics running this planet-sized insane-asylum, and the Hierophant of Rome is one of them. Here is a man who claims to be Christ-incarnate (“The Vicar of Christ”), and yet, he is one of the wealthiest and most powerful men on the face of this planet, controlling a billion or more Catholics worldwide. And now, Pope Francis has the hypocritical nerve to claim he is a “sinner” and “just another man”.

For anyone familiar with the biblical Jesus, “The Bishop of Rome”, or Pope Francis, represents the very antithesis of what Jesus preached and how he lived. In fact, you could say that Pope Francis, like all of his predecessors, is the “Anti-Christ”.

If he is a “sinner” and “just a man”, then Pope Francis should tear down the Vatican, disperse all of its wealth among the poor worldwide, and then resign and “repent” of his grievous sins against humanity and his god. But I doubt that the pope’s one moment of feigned honesty and humility here, would ever lead to such a legitimate “act of contrition”. After all, Pope Francis isn’t really concerned with what the biblical Jesus had to say, or how he lived his life, Pope Francis is a wealthy and powerful realist, a man of the world, so he is only concerned with keeping the papal status quo, just like all of his pontificating predecessors:

‘Empty Moments’: Pope Francis has Questioned God’s Existence, Calls Himself a ‘Sinner’

Pope Francis has spoken about his experience in matters of faith crises and opened up about “empty moments,” while also stressing that he is a “sinner” and “fallible,” in an interview with a German newspaper.

When asked by German newspaper Die Zeit whether he had ever doubted God’s existence, the pontiff said, “I, too, know these empty moments.”

Francis went on to state that he does not consider himself to be special, stressing that he is a normal believer and a “sinner” like everyone else.

“We mustn’t forget that any form of idealization of a human being always brings a subliminal brand of aggression with it as well. If I am idealized I feel under attack,” he said.

“I don’t see myself as anything special…I’m a sinner, I’m fallible,” the 80-year-old pontiff continued.

He went on to warn against the dangers of populism, calling it “evil.”

“Populism is evil and ends badly, as has been shown by the past century,” he said.

He noted that populism has always required a “messiah” figure to succeed, suggesting it is incompatible with Christian values.

The comments were made during Pope Francis’ first major interview with a German newspaper. The interview took place at the end of February, but was published on Thursday.

Source: ‘Empty moments’: Pope Francis has questioned God’s existence, calls himself a ‘sinner’ — RT News


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