Books, Articles, “Alt News” Sites & Blogs: “Vital Information” for Positive, Permanent Change, or “Much Ado About Nothing”, Leading to Nowhere?


{Note: Just thought I’d let the folks who have come here, at points, know what is happening from here forward.

My days of blogging, in this manner, are coming to an end, as are my days of spending time at other’s sites and blogs. Like many others, I have tried to help spread the “information” found in these site’s articles and books, etc, in hopes that somehow, some way, they might make a difference somewhere, sometime. But it’s time to wake up to my own folly. By blogging in this manner, I have simply been promoting the “much ado about nothing”, which always leads to nowhere. It’s been a futile gesture, a waste of my time and energy.

I will probably still post, here and there, but not in the same manner as I have up until now. My blog posts, from here forward, will be written solely to express what is on my mind, or there will be no postings! And most certainly, there will never be article after article, and my pleading with people to wake the fuck up. NEVER AGAIN! We are all alone in this world, we’re on our own, folk, and it’s time we grow up and face this hard truth!}


Here is a link to a news item I came across the other day:

Source: 80 Percent Of Kids In Oklahoma City Can’t Read A CLOCK | The Daily Caller

{Note: I’m using this link as an example, not as an attempt to spread “information”.}

There have been thousands of books and articles, such as this, that have been written over the last century-plus, and what, if anything, have these books and articles accomplished? Can more than 20% of children in Oklahoma City now tell what time it is by looking at a traditional clock? Of course they can’t, as this news item points out. But in twenty years, will this news item have had any real positive-impact on the education of Oklahoma City’s children? Of course, there is no way for us to know this now. But we can, or we should be able to, know if articles like this, written twenty years ago or more, have helped the education system today. And we don’t need to read any of them. All we have to do is take a good, long look at the public-education system.

As a former arts teacher, I have been reading books and articles dealing with the downward-spiral of the American education system for almost a half century now. And I can tell you that not one of the books or articles I have read, over the past five decades, ever helped to prevent the pathetic state of education we are witnessing in America today. If any of these thousands upon thousands of books and articles, over the last fifty years, had been of any value whatsoever, our education system would not be in the pathetic state it is in today.

My point is this: writing, publishing, reading, discussing, “brain storming”, blathering on, will never help the 80% of Oklahoma City’s children to learn how to tell time on a real clock. The only action that will help these children now, is to TEACH them how to tell time on a real clock. These Oklahoma City children will, most likely, and unfortunately, also struggle to read and comprehend, write, compute, problem solve, [logically] think/reason and be imaginative and creative, as long as the adults around them sit idly by writing and reading books and articles about what is wrong with the education system.

We have all been doing this exact same thing, over and over again, for a century now, and the results have always been the same: the education system continues to “dumb down” our children, while destroying their individual imagination and creativity, and we, for the most part, have never sought a new path to take.

The authors of these books and articles are experts at pointing out what is wrong, here, there and everywhere, with the education system, but they never seem capable of coming to any real conclusion or legitimate suggestion for how to fix these major problems, in a rational, effective and long-lasting way.

Get what I am trying to say here? All of this writing and reading, with no real, positive action ever being taken by we the individuals, is an exercise in futility, a complete waste of time, leading to the same sad results, over and over again: “Insanity”.

Humanity is no longer in need of books and articles, since there are more books and articles being published every day than we could ever read and discuss in a thousand lifetimes. Humanity is in need of something that evidently does not exist, nor, perhaps, has it ever: reasonable/rational, logical thinkers and doers who are willing to stick their necks out, in order to permanently change things for the better of us all. And I am not referring here, to basic political activism, which is the ultimate waste of a human being’s time. If you want to be an activist, then use your activism to tear down the foundations of this age-old curse, this age-old, tyrannical world-order, so a new foundation can be laid on earth that is OF we the individuals (in the collective), BY we the individuals (in the collective), and FOR we the individuals (in the collective).

If these reporters and authors are not willing to seek this end, then I would strongly suggest that they cease writing and publishing, and start seeking a new way to “make a living”. Because what they are doing is of little to no value to the rest of us, it’s just more “much ado about nothing”, posing as vital information, that is leading us to nowhere.

And on this subject, I am sick of going to “alt news” sites and being bombarded with commercials and/or requests for financial support. Support yourselves, or don’t bother to write and publish! For Christ’s sake, most of us are struggling just to support ourselves and our families, without feeding you as well. And I am not referring here, by the way, to reporters in the field, reporters like Vanessa Beeley; a woman who puts her life on the line every day, to bring the truth to the rest of us. And not once, that I know of, has Beeley ever begged for even a dime for herself. It seems to me, it is those sitting at home, on their arses, who want us to support them. Well, fuck that!

As far as I can tell, whatever happens to this planet and humanity is going to happen, no matter what any of the rest of us attempt to do about it. The wealthy, powerful warmongers, “the chosen”, evidently shall inherit the earth, not the mealy-mouth meek and weak who are only concerned with their I, ME and MINE.