“I Have Simply Been Feeding The Ravenous Beast…”

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It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Jiddu Krishnamurti

“Maybe This World is Another Planet’s Hell.” Aldous Huxley

This is a follow up post to Books, Articles, “Alt News” Sites & Blogs: “Vital Information” for Positive, Permanent Change, or “Much Ado About Nothing”, Leading to Nowhere?

I have come to the sad, disturbing and depressing conclusion that humanity is most likely doomed. And this doomed state is primarily due to the fact that humanity is totally incapable of solving its own problems without the aid, the absolute complete control, of some despotic and corrupt crutch to lean on. To put this another way, and as I’ve written before, humanity always believes it is in need of a “SAVIOR” to pull its ass out of the never-ending fires it has, in its willful-ignorance, helped to create.

These “SAVIORS” come in many varied forms, but the primary ones are religious/spiritual (gods, ‘holy’ texts and hierophants), “scientific” (corporate-capitalist owned and operated bullshit-fabrications), elite-owned and operated massive-government (empires, dictatorships, ‘democratic-republics’, communist-states, etc, etc), and their attached-at-the-hip economics/monetary-systems.

And what have these “SAVIORS” done for humanity throughout the ages? Have religions, “science”, governments and their economics/monetary-systems brought peace, security/safety, prosperity and a life worth living to “the masses”?

{By the way, I hate terms like “the masses”, or “the working class”, or “the proletariat”. I hate government-swine created-labels, because they define we the individuals without our permission/consent. I am no more a member of “the masses” than I am “the working class”. As I’ve stated many times before, I was born a unique, universally-free individual, just like all of you. And then came along the fucking STATE (STATISM), and the labeling of me, the sorting of me into the “proper place” in the mindless, madding herd, had begun. I still cannot figure out why those of us who recognize and hate this kind of extreme tyranny are so few?}

Needless to say, these “SAVIORS”, instead of bringing, peace, security/safety, prosperity and a life worth living to “the masses”, have brought nothing but division, racism, bigotry, hatred, war, abject poverty, disease, famine, death and destruction to the peoples of this world. And I do not need to provide any evidence here, since the evidence surrounds us all, every day, on every square inch of the planet.

And yet, these “SAVIORS” continue to be the entities “the masses” turn to, no matter how many times they are harassed, imprisoned, tortured, starved and mass-murdered by them. Humanity refuses to see the horrifying reality staring it straight in the face. And posting articles, in an attempt to awaken “the masses”, has been nothing but an exercise in futility. “The masses” (humanity) want no part of reality, the truth, they want their eyes and ears tickled: “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” reigns, especially among the young (“the future”?).

So, bringing this back to why I am changing how I blog, I can no longer take part in serving any of these “SAVIORS”, nor can I travel the same path with any human being who still has faith in any one of them. And by blogging in this manner, over the past three years, I have been unknowingly walking the same path as “the masses”, and so taking part in the plans of the “SAVIORS”. I have simply been feeding the ravenous beast, when I thought I was helping to starve it. It’s as simple as that.

Enough said.