Desensitization begets Dehumanization #2

Desensitization in action!

Originally posted in 2014:

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Just for a minute or two, let’s pretend it is the middle of the twentieth century, just after the second world war, and we are the wealthy and powerful elite. And that we have been looking for the most expedient and hassle-free method for ridding ourselves of the “not fit for life” masses (depopulation) and seizing complete control of the planet. And we now believe we have found this improved method.

We are focusing our attention, at the moment, on our primary target, which is the American middle-class and poor, since America, for now, has become our home base of operations. Again, we believe we have come up with a more effective method for aiding us in taking control of the American middle-class and poor, as well as the rest of the world’s population, and without arousing any suspicion or ire on their part.

And now we are about to sell this improved method to the rest of our hard-to-please and paranoid cabal brethren:

Fellow elitists and soon to be rulers of the world, we must begin this new and improved method, this new indoctrination/brainwashing program, with the working-class and poor children, and at the age of four or five years old, let’s say. And so we should begin this programming with their education, and continue it in their home-life and social/cultural experiences. What better places to begin mutating a child’s energetic, imaginative, loving/trusting and passionate nature into a lethargic, self-obsessed and ignorant sociopath/psychopath?

So then, let us begin this mutating process, where it can do the most long-term damage/harm: the child’s mind and heart, the cognitive and affective domains. And the best resources we have for this purpose are our education and media/entertainment machinery: public, private and parochial schools, children’s books and magazines, television and movies. And this machinery, at the same time, will also be working on the children’s family members, teachers and television and movie personalities. We will indoctrinate and brainwash these children from every side possible, and all day long, everyday!

From the beginning of these children’s educational programming, until they graduate from college, and even beyond, we will have our paid stooges (teachers, professors) indoctrinating them with the false notion that the individual is of no importance whatsoever, and, instead, it is the whole, the state, that matters only: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” will be driven into their young minds and hearts, their psyches. In this way, then, we will begin to move them toward a retro-grade inverted way of life that will, in the end, resemble nothing more than several varieties of cattle grazing, separately, in a monstrously large field.

And we must continue, as we have with past generations of these creatures, to teach these children to hate anyone different from themselves, their families and friends. Of course, their families will assist us in this process, completely unaware, of course, since they have already been programmed to be suspicious of and malicious towards creatures different from themselves. But starting now, the old system of the blacks, and all other creatures of color, being considered inferior to the whites is out. We have decided to use a new and more subtle and sinister approach to produce mistrust and hatred among these creatures.

From here forward, we will have our stooges in the classrooms and the media indoctrinate these children with the absurd notion that they should value the cultures, the diversity, of others over their own culture. And they’ll buy into this ruse, as usual, lock, stock and barrel.

Now wait!

Hear me out!

Don’t get angry!

You haven’t let me finish, fellow aliens!

By indoctrinating/brainwashing these children to place their cultural traditions below those considered inferior by their families and communities, we will be driving a wedge between the children and their families and communities. And this wedge will create even more anger and bitterness towards all other cultures, and thus only increase the division between these creatures. Believe me, this seemingly great way to create harmony among the masses, we will have planted in these children’s less than adequate minds, will accomplish the exact opposite effect, and thus increase the hatred between these creatures even more.

As you should already know, throughout the ages, we have destroyed in these creatures the truth that only unconditional love can conquer hatred and division. The valuing of others’ cultures, or the valuing of diversity, will do nothing to end hatred and division among them, since unconditional love will be absent from the process.

So have no fear, my brethren, we’ve been successful up to this point, haven’t we? Of course we have!

We will also continue to indoctrinate these children with the completely false “scientific” hypothesis that their earliest ancestor was a single cell creature, which, over billions of years, had somehow evolved into human beings. This completely, absurd fabrication, of course, will only continue to enhance in these children, just as it has in their parents, the belief that the individual is nothing, and thus their lives are not sacred or precious in any way. This false belief, by the way, will come in very handy at the very end.

On a side note, we still can’t believe the success we have had, in perpetrating this so-called scientific theory. Our stooge, Darwin, came up with a real winner in this neurotic, fabricated fairy-tale. These low-life creatures, especially the scientific types, chow down on this lie like it’s a fine steak. And Darwin’s half-cousin did us a favor as well, when he came up with eugenics. We needed a “scientific” rationalization for ridding the world of “the not fit for life,” and Galton’s eugenics, as asinine as it is, continues, as it did in Nazi-occupied Europe, to serve our purposes extremely well.

Let us not forget the wisdom of our elders, here:

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

For them [Goyim] let that play the principal part which we have persuaded them to accept as the dictates of science (theory). It is with this object in view that we are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories. The intellectuals of the GOYIM will puff themselves up with their knowledges and without any logical verification of them will put into effect all the information available from science, which our AGENTUR specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want.


Oh, and before I forget, let us also remember that religious affiliations will help in keeping unwarranted suspicions, a false sense of superiority, mistrust and hatred alive and well in these creatures, as they always have. There is nothing like a religious affiliation to divide and conquer these superstitious and weak creatures, not even our use of national identity/patriotism, as a source of pride, has ever worked as well as plain old, superstitious religion.

And so, after fifty some odd years of this intense and continuous indoctrination and brainwashing, we will have these “not fit for life” creatures right where we want them: blind, obedient imbeciles who no longer believe in the sanctity of life, and thus are only concerned about themselves, and who will, without reason or cause, hate all others, and for simply being different.

This completely corrupted and confused mindset, if they have any mind left, that is, will so desensitize and dehumanize them that they will not stand in the way of our agendas, especially their own mass-extermination, which, of course, will be occurring at the very same time the rest of this new method is playing out.

Oh, and one last item. I almost forgot. Let us not forget our chemical/biological warfare division, which produces the vaccines and medicines that will completely destroy these creatures’ health, as we make trillions off of their suffering and dying! This division, including the AMA and drug/vaccine creating manufacturers, is in full swing and advancing by leaps and bounds. It won’t be long until the final solution will come in the form of an injection or prescription!

And even better yet, we have, with little difficulty, managed to convince these creatures’s that our medicines and vaccines will not only heal them but also improve their lives. Of course, in reality, these two devices of mass extermination will slowly but surely destroy them and their kind.

So there it is, brethren! What a magnificent scenario, don’t you think?!

These creatures, these sheep to the slaughter, won’t see or sense any of this coming their way, until it is far too late. This new method cannot fail… that is, as long as we keep all of these creatures herded together, but at the same time, divided in a multitude of ways. We must, above all else, constantly keep them hating each other, and thus at war with each other. Remember, distraction is another major key to our success, and their “rights” and hatred of each other are the best tools we have to keep them distracted, even beyond our creating two world wars and the great depression.

But know this, if the masses should ever begin to awaken from this programming and realize we have been treating them and their ancestors as cattle, and are now in the process of carrying out their extermination, then they will rise up and completely destroy every last one of us.

We are no longer dealing with just one continent at a time, here. We are dealing with the entire planet. And even with our military might and power, we could never hold off five billion of these creatures, especially since they would have the worst kind of vengeance and murder on their minds and hearts.

So secrecy, manipulations/lies, distractions/false-flags and keeping them ignorant, content, working themselves to death, divided and hating each other will be of utmost importance to our final of all final solutions and success!

Praise, Satan!

The Zionist Oligarchy

Get the picture? Get the point?