America’s Retarded Awareness

As excellent as the following article is, the author still doesn’t get the point. And that point is, The US of A is exactly what it was intended to be from the very beginning. The US of A is Dr Frankenstein Europe’s monster, only the mythical Dr Frankenstein didn’t mean to create a monster, whereas the INBRED European royals and Zionist bankers had intended to create a monster, a monster that would some day destroy enough of the world so its creators could rule.

The US of A isn’t broken, people, it’s working the way it was designed to work from the very beginning! There was no “dream”, no “great experiment”, there is only what was intended to be in the first place. Just like “the holy books” were written by those in power, so they knew what they were pandering would come to pass long term, so the US of A didn’t come about by chance and mutation. “There are no accidents” is the absolute truth! Everything has been planned out! EVERYTHING!

Desultory Heroics

By Denis Conroy


Alternative ideas don’t come easily to Americans. It seems that Americans imported colonial hierarchal practices from Europe to cultivate them to their own advantage. Over millennia, Europeans had come to accept the authority of Church, Monarchy or State Principalities to be the places where the ‘rightful-centres’ existed. The ‘rightful-centre’ was always beyond the reach of the masses. Pontiffs and warlords alike had built their power base upon the belief that the common people should accept the fact that the centre of power was somewhere above their heads and that it was the lot of underlings to live the life of fellow travellers.

The Confucian idea, that the centre was everywhere, had failed to penetrate the European pantheon.  In Asia, actions and their consequences were measured in language that was neither hierarchical nor internalised within rhetorical borders, but connected to truths that had their…

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