Climate buffoon Al Gore said on national TV that rising ocean levels are already causing fish to be seen “swimming in the streets” of Miami –


I’ve never seen anything like Al Gore and crew, except for Bill and Hillary Clinton and crew. Birds of a feather definitely flock together! It used to be that once an asshole like Al Gore was exposed for the fraud he was, the asshole would then be much maligned and never heard from again. But today, in this retrograde-inverted hellhole called the US of A, the frauds, the liars, the charlatans just continue to spew out the same continual line of bullshit, over and over again, long after what they are spewing out has been revealed as absolute BULLSHIT!

Insanity reigns alright! Al Gore is simply The Boy Who Cried Wolf ten thousand times, and a large portion of us are now on to his fabricated, manipulative bullshit. All Gore has left are his brain dead neolib followers, who, since last November, have been completely bat-shit crazy. A prophet is only as good as his last fulfilled prophesy, and all of Al Gore’s prophecies have proved to be nothing more than bald faced lies (corporate-capitalist/materialistic “scientific” fairy-tales).

So now, Gore is in panic mode and complete denial; he’s still raving like a madman, as if all of his predictions up to this point had come to pass. Of course, we should all know by now that NOT ONE of his predictions have ever come to pass, and yet some of you suckers are still taking the bait. Manhattan is not under twenty feet of water, and the polar ice caps are increasing, not melting, just to name two of Gore’s worthless prophecies.

Now, however, Gore’s faux science pals are pandering that Manhattan will be under water in “60 years” (see here). I wonder what they’ll change it to in 2067, when Manhattan is just like it is today: dry and filled with corporate-capitalist pigs?

Climate buffoon Al Gore said on national TV that rising ocean levels are already causing fish to be seen “swimming in the streets” of Miami

(Natural News) Climate change magnate and multi-millionaire Al Gore seems to have emerged from the woodwork of his $9 million mansion with a new message for the world: Global warming is already here! He apparently saw it personally during a recent trip to Miami, where an unusual tide event brought water and fish into the streets in a few areas of the city along the coast – on a sunny day, no less.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says a super moon and particularly aggressive easterly winds are to blame for this otherwise non-event. But Gore claims to know better, insisting during an interview on an episode of The New York Times‘ “DealB%k” show that “melting ice” has clearly raised sea levels all around the world, and that “quite a number” of coastal cities are now being affected.

Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia, currently the world’s largest naval base, is also in trouble, according to Gore. Though nothing has changed there as far as water levels are concerned, Gore says the entire base is going to have to be relocated to escape being inundated with water in the same way as Miami – though he provided no insights as to when the nation should expect this to occur.

As Gore was trying to spread fear and climate hysteria, the NWS was quick to explain that the water and fish incident in Miami was caused primarily by a combination of the new moon and blustery winds – neither of which are global warming. But why miss an opportunity to spread climate myths, especially when your entire life’s work centers around them?

Watch the video and see for yourself as Gore bumbles through his tall tale expressing feigned concern over its supposed ramifications.

Al Gore is going to need a new hobby and income stream once every last climate lie has been exposed and debunked…

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Source: Climate buffoon Al Gore said on national TV that rising ocean levels are already causing fish to be seen “swimming in the streets” of Miami –

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