“Aunty Em! Aunty Em! It’s a Trumpster!!”

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Check out the little girl in the above photo! Pobrecita! I can hear her now, “My BFF lost to a fascist pig! Wahhhh!!!”

And she’s right, except her BFF is as big (or maybe even bigger) a fascist pig than the Donald!

She was “triggered” by this ‘horrific’ event:

After a two month layoff, I have come back to find exactly what I thought I would find: “SOSDD” (“Same Old Shit, Different Day”). In particular, I see that the whiny-ass neolib-left is still blaming all of this hell solely on the new stooge in office, Donald the Trump, as if it had been peaches and cream before 1/20/2017, when the elite swines’ ace-in-the-hole, Obomber, was still screwing all of us and the rest of humanity.

You remember Obomber, don’t you? You know: Obomber, the only president to ever be at war during his entire two terms, Obomber, the president who won the Nobel peace farce, and then waged more war on the world than Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, Clinton and G.W. Bush combined, Obomber, the president who proclaimed, “Yes we can!”, during his campaign, but produced only “No we can’t” results, during his eight years of being a “step-n-fetch-it” stooge for the pigs, Obomber, the president who promised to close down Guantanamo Bay and bring peace, and did neither, Obomber, the president who created Obamacare (ACA), which has left people in many states without any health insurance, since their criminal insurance companies left them and their states high and dry, Obomber, the president who made damn sure we old, retired “deplorables” would have so little income each month that we might just drop dead, Obomber, the president who brought back to life “the cold war”, and added China to the mix. Obomber, the worst piece of shit president ever elected, and you neolib-left assholes elected him twice!

How quickly we forget, when we choose to be willfully ignorant, childish and asinine!

As for me, I have just noted what I knew, back in November, was coming, with the Trumpster becoming the next elite puppet in the oval office. And so far, the Donald has not disappointed. The Trumpster continues to live down to the extremely low expectations I have had for him, since I awoke on that morning (11/09/2016) and found that Bill’s bitch had lost again. Of course, I have the same low expectation for any president and congressman selected by the pigs.

What amazes me, however, is how completely brain-dead, blind and willfully ignorant the far left still is. I mean would anything be different now, if Hillary had won the election? If Bill’s bitch had been selected, would we have seen all of the troops brought home from the middle east, Africa and elsewhere by now, after raping, torturing and mass-murdering all those men, women and children? Would Hillary have then torn down the military-industrial complex, made peace with Russia and China, and then set about creating good paying jobs, with excellent benefits and salaries for us “deplorables”? Would Hillary have opened her arms to even more “deplorables”, and so allowed middle east refugees to come to America without any question? Would Hillary’s presence in the oval office have already brought we the “deplorables” out of the economic depression most of us have been suffering through since Obama took office in 2008? It appears that this is exactly what the whiny-ass morons on the left believe to be true, just as the morons on the right believed the Donald, when he was pandering his campaign lies last year.

How quickly we forget, when we choose to be willfully ignorant, childish and asinine!

It makes no difference who is in office, as I’ve stated time and time again. How can anyone in their right mind deny this fact/truth? The right is ONLY happy because their side-show won, and the left is ONLY pissed off because their side-show lost, and with a female side-show no less. And herein lies the real issue for the whiny-ass left; America has had white male presidents and now, a black one as well (well, sort of black, I guess), and no Madam president as of yet. The neolib fems thought it was their turn. “To hell with humanity and the planet,” according to the neolib fems, it was all about a woman becoming president, no matter how much of a douche-bag, inept and mentally-ill asshole she was.

This is exactly what most American men and women have come to: “Fuck the planet and humanity, I gots ta gets mine!” Neither side gives a shit about the issues I have just pointed out. All either side cares about is having their boy or girl, and I do mean boy or girl, in the oval office.

Bye Bye! Ms American Pie! And the rest of the world said, AMEN!!!

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