Tucson Court to Hear Extradition of Woman Accused of Feeding her Mother

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Throughout my years existing on this planet from hell, I have heard card-carrying members of the vast American herd, when speaking of the law and storm-troopers, spew forth, time and time again, “If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you have nothing to fear from the police or the justice system!”

And because of the willfully complacent and compliant nature of this red-white-and-blue herd, which continually grazes closer and closer to its final destination (the elite-swine slaughterhouse), the rest of us are now existing in the beginning stages of a totalitarian police state, which if allowed to continue on unabated, will ultimately make Orwell’s “1984” look like a stroll in the park on a sunny day.

The truth/fact is, one can closely follow the vast multitude of these despotic, convoluted laws upon laws upon laws, which seek to control every aspect of life (keeping the individual enslaved and docile, “in line”), and still be breaking any number of them at the same time. The law was created to not only obliterate we the individual’s universal rights to freedom and life, but to also bring in a monstrous amount of UNEARNED/STOLEN BOOTY (‘capital’) for the elite pigs who own and operate this “democratic-republic”, this capitalist hell on earth. Between the law-makers (“elected” stooges), the law-enforcers (stormtroopers), those who dole out the punishment (shysters/judges), and the punishment itself (prison, fines, etc), a gargantuan money-grubbing industry has been created, one which threatens our universal rights to free thought/expression, creativity and life itself. This industry is one of the few this hell hole still has left.

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The truth/fact is, any one of us, no matter how ‘law abiding’, could experience what is being perpetrated on the poor woman in the following article. It’s time to realize that the law has nothing to do with serving and protecting the individual. The law, like the government and capitalism, exists solely to support, serve and protect the inbred elite-scum and their insane agendas:

Tucson Court To Hear Extradition Of Woman Accused Of Feeding Her Mother

By Janet Phelan

On Tuesday, Pima County Superior Court in Arizona will hear a case involving a fugitive from justice and the request for extradition to Miami-Dade County, in Florida. The fugitive, a former New York attorney, is a 64-year-old woman named Barbara Stone.

Stone was originally arrested for feeding her mother.

Barbara Stane and her mom, Barbara surprised her mom, with a party

Yes, you read that correctly. Specifically, the 2013 charges against Stone were launched after she took her mother, who was under a guardianship with a “professional guardian” named Jacqueline Hertz, to lunch. Stone had visited her mother, Helen Stone, in the facility wherein Hertz had placed her. Finding her mother on a feeding tube and clearly emaciated, Barbara Stone took her to Denny’s.

She was arrested the same day and charged with the following: 1) Custody interference; 2) Elder abuse; 3) False imprisonment, and 4) Violation of a protective order. According to Miami-Dade, there was no action taken on charges 2-4 and the threat of the five-year prison term attached to the first count was enough for Stone to take a plea. She was sentenced to three years probation.

The warrant for her arrest in Arizona, which was executed on June 16, 2017, states that she violated the terms of her probation on four counts. Three of them reveal a virtual gag on Stone.

1) Barbara Stone is charged with “failing to comply with the plea agreement…..(stating that Stone) shall not file any documents in the pending guardianship case, or in any other court of competent jurisdiction, concerning her mother or any other parties/participants unless said documents are filed by and through an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Florida, and as grounds for belief that the offender violated her probation, Officer Nakesha Tucker states that the offender submitted a letter to Linda Kearon, General Counsel, on August 27, 2016.”

2) As to the second count, “Officer Nakesha Tucker states that the offender submitted an email to Liz Consuegra, attorney ad litem on August 30, 2016.”

Got it. Letters and emails….it gets worse…

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Source: Tucson Court to Hear Extradition of Woman Accused of Feeding her Mother