July the 4th: One of 365 Days in Which Willfully-Ignorant Americans Glorify & Worship a Bald-Faced Lie and Continual War!

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I really don’t understand why the majority of Americans still celebrate this particular day, since capitalism and war are honored and worshiped every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every year. So then, what is so special about this one day every year, beyond the notion that their “freedom” was somehow granted them on this day, 241 years ago, which is the bald-faced lie of all bald-faced lies, and in so many ways that I do not have the energy, nor inclination, to list all of them here.

So let me point out just two of these bald-faced lies:

First and foremost: each unique individuals is born universally free, and with no need of perverse, despotic government, of any kind, to grant the individual his or her freedom. All of us were born universally free, just like the lions in that movie, only unlike those lions, we and our ancestors have been indoctrinated/brainwashed to believe we need these elite vermin and their governments/economic-systems, in order to be free: political freedom is a granted, political ‘freedom’; an elite-swine “bone” tossed our way to appease us, in order to keep us sedated and ‘happy’ while being enslaved and slowly murdered.

A political freedom, doled out (granted) by the elite-pigs in charge, can be just as easily rescinded. Whereas our universal freedom can never be rescinded by any mere human being, no matter how wealthy and powerful, as long as we the individuals remain alive: these inbred elite-swine can take away our physical lives, but as long as we live, they can never take away our universal right to be free individuals.

Second: “the declaration of independence” never set the thirteen colonies free from the tentacles of the English crown, nor did the so called “revolutionary war”, or the beloved fraud referred to as “The US CONstitution”! To this day, the US of A remains as much a colony of the English royals and Zionist banking cartel as it did on July 3rd, 1776.

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We have been lied to, over and over and over and over and over again, and in every way possible: it’s called indoctrination, brainwashing, or a plain old simple MIND FUCK, boys and girls.

Here, one more time, is the dirty, little secret the inbred elite-psychos never want we the individuals to be aware of again:

There is no such thing as political freedom! There is only we the individuals, worldwide, and our universal rights to freedom and LIFE IN ABUNDANCE, which we the individuals all possess as our birthright, our membership in this vast universe. We have no need of gargantuan government/economic-systems of any kind. We the individuals were made to be self-sufficient and completely, universally free human beings, whether on our own or in a collective.

But, once again, I am wasting my time here, because most of you do not want to know and embrace the truth. Most of you prefer to keep your head buried in the sand or up your own ass!

So go ahead, do as I know the vast majority of you will do on the 4th, and live right down to my lowest of low expectations: go shoot off your childish fireworks, get drunk (“Let’s party, Dude!”) and shout USA until you vomit, just like your brain dead ancestors have been doing for almost two and a half centuries now.

Meanwhile, I will be sitting quietly by, as this annual asinine parade of elite-swine programmed and obedient, brain-dead morons continue to march their merry way toward complete annihilation.

Fuck the 4th, and the US of A, as well!

On second thought, scratch that! The US of A, along with its patriotic/warmongering bullshit, is already Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

Or, in other words:

“The Party’s Over!”

“Bye Bye. Miss American Pie.”

“Goodbye, American Woman! Goodbye, American Shit!”