“White Privilege:” One More Race-Baiting Manipulation Concocted by George Soros & ASSociates!

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The so called “conspiracy theorists” have been aware, for several years now, that Zionist-elite George Soros and ASSociates have been doing their filthy, perverse best to start a race war in the good old US of A. But up until recently, Soros and crew had been keeping their perverse manipulations down to a, relatively speaking, small roar; with storm-trooper killings of black Americans around the country, and the protests and violent clashes that followed, along with the establishment of Soros’ so called “BLM”.

But now, Soros and ASSociates have come up with a new ploy, a new tactic to create even more division and hatred among whites and blacks. And here, I believe, is Soros and ASSociate’s new tactic, which I sort of predicted in a post (here) I published three years ago.

(The following portrays a Zionist-elite leader attempting to sell his cabal cohorts a new and much more effective way of creating hatred and division between American blacks and whites)

…And we (the Zionist cabal) must continue, as we have with past generations of these creatures (“Goyim”), to teach these children to hate anyone different from themselves, their families and friends. Of course, their families will assist us in this process, completely unaware, of course, since they have already been programmed to be suspicious of and malicious towards creatures different from themselves. But starting now, the old system of the blacks, and all other creatures of color, being considered inferior to the whites is out. We have decided to use a new and more subtle, sinister approach to produce mistrust and hatred among these creatures.

From here forward, we will have our stooges in the classrooms and the media indoctrinate these children with the absurd notion that they should value the cultures, the diversity, of others over their own culture. And they’ll buy into this ruse, as usual, lock, stock and barrel.


By indoctrinating/brainwashing these children to place their cultural traditions below those considered inferior by their families and communities, we will be driving a wedge between the children and their families and communities. And this wedge will create even more anger and bitterness towards all other cultures, and thus only increase the division between these creatures. Believe me, this seemingly great way to create harmony among the masses, we will have planted in these children’s less than adequate minds, will accomplish the exact opposite effect, and thus increase the hatred between these creatures even more.


So have no fear, my brethren, we’ve been successful up to this point, haven’t we? Of course we have…

Enter the brand, spanking new “white privilege” manipulation/mind-fuck. And the most infuriating part of this newest form of race-baiting is the fact that it is being perpetrated by the very white assholes who have harangued, harassed, kept down, imprisoned and mass murdered blacks for the last four centuries: the Zionist elite-swine, who hate anyone who isn’t, first of all, Zionist, and then white, wealthy and powerful.

And yet, American blacks continue to choose common, powerless white people to label and vent their hatred, anger and violence towards. And because of this, I have had to come to the only conclusion I could come to, and that is, many blacks are either too willfully-ignorant or cowardly to attack their true enemies: the Zionist elite-swine, like Soros and ASSociates, who are solely responsible for their four-hundred year old enslavement and suffering.

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On a Related Note: the insane notion that blacks “can’t be racist and bigoted in this system”, which I believe Soros and crew are also pandering, is just one more sign of the out of control insanity that reigns in America today. The lunatics truly are in charge of this fucked beyond imagination, dying insane-asylum.

Just ask Hispanics, Asians, Jews and others, especially those who are poor and struggling, if blacks are incapable of being racist and bigoted “in this system”. These people will set your “pc/tolerant” ass straight. There is no race on earth that does not suffer from these two diseases: these two demons have been around since the first inbred elite-pig reared its ugly head, as it slid out of its whore mother’s slimy hole. None of us were born racist and bigoted, but this elite-pig created, ancient-world system morphs us into racists and bigots, and so BLACKS ARE NOT IMMUNE! So knock off this race-baiting neoliberal-bullshit!

If I had a child today, and a neoliberal black or white “triggered snowflake” attempted to make my child feel ashamed of being born a white human being (see here), there would be all kinds of hell to pay.

I will not wait four hundred years, while taking it in the ass every minute of every day, before I stand up and defend myself, my family, friends and other white people, and I am far from being alone!

If Black America wants more division and the hell that comes with it, then Black America should just keep up this hate-poor-and-powerless-whitey insanity. If blacks are too willfully-ignorant or cowardly to take on their real enemies, Soros and the like, and instead, come after common white folk, who, in reality, are no better off than them, then they will end up giving Soros and ASSociates, and the rest of this government from hell, exactly what they have lusted after for a long, long time now: a race war, which will make the civil war look like a cakewalk.

As a former teacher, I strongly suggest to white parents, DO NOT allow your children to be raped and pillaged, cognitively, affectively and culturally, and, perhaps, even physically, by this neocon-neolib education-system. And when your children become college age, convince them, if they haven’t figured it out for themselves by then, to leave this piece of shit country behind, and then seek higher education and a career (LIFE) somewhere else in the world, where the Zionist elite-swine haven’t gained a foothold as of yet. In fact, if you can, leave with your children, and as soon as possible. Do not allow these Soros owned and operated, brain-dead, willfully-ignorant sheep to the slaughter to take you and your children down with them.

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The American majority is standing behind these lies, or at least remaining silent and doing nothing about it. Check out history, and you will find that the majority has always been duped by the powers that be, and therefore, the majority has been wrong most of the time.

For the most part, it has always been the outsiders (“conspiracy theorists”), those standing on the outside, while observing what is taking place on the inside, who have called it like it is. And of course, these outsiders, throughout history, have paid a heavy price for not joining the vast, madding, easily-manipulated herd, as it self-destructs and takes down more and more of the world with it.

I (“cracker”, “honkey”, “whitey”, “fucking white people”) will die basically broke and ill, just like my parents and grandparents before me. And now, I have to listen to “politically-correct” bullshit like I am privileged solely on the basis of my skin color. Well, FUCK THAT! The only way I could have ever been privileged, in this insanity from hell, is to have been born an inbred, Zionist, elite-swine psychopath, which I was not, nor were my friends and those I have always associated with. I am no more powerful or privileged, “in this system”, than any person of color, never have been.

We all have a “back-story”, which we choose not to share with everyone. And my back story allows me to know that I have never been privileged, not “in this system”. Now, if you want to point to Africans, middle eastern people and poor South Americans (you know, the people all of you, including blacks, don’t give a rat’s ass about), then I have lived the most privileged life that could ever be, just like every other American, no matter their hue! Not one of us would last five minutes existing as these poor people do, worldwide: we are too self-actualized, fat, lazy, to into our own needs, to be able to survive the circumstances these disenfranchised people put up with every minute of every day.

All of us, every last one, have sat by, bitching about “our rights”, partying and screwing, while these poor people have been suffering and dying at the hands of this genocidal government we exist under. To the poor people I am referring to here, the poorest of blacks, “in this system”, are filthy rich and blessed beyond imagination!

Oh, if only I had the ways and means to leave, I would get out of this red-white-and-blue hell. I would gladly leave all of this corporate-capitalist insanity behind, and leave it to those who benefit from it most: the so called “players” who “play” this twisted, sordid “game” from hell, every day of their worthless lives!


It is the inbred elite powers that be who have destroyed the climate and environment, with their money-making industries, and their military-perpetrated climate manipulations (HAARP, chemtrails, SRM, etc), and yet, you and I, the common people, are blamed for the destruction of the climate and planet.

And now, these vermin have us hating each other, because of a worldwide political system that they and their inbred ancestors created. What these vermin are using to further this hatred between us is what they themselves have created: this world-system order from hell.

These inbred psychos are destroying humanity and the planet, and then making damn sure you and I get blamed for it. And most of us are still falling for this scam of all scams.